Government Propaganda coming to our homes thanks to NDAA

So now more is discovered in this nasty bill otherwise known as the NDAA, (National Defense Authorization Act). Strange isn’t it that I just posted last week, Egypt kicks out Al-Jazeera, U.S. embraces news source. There apparently is no one who read the NDAA bill. As if our media wasn’t a propaganda machine for this regime already. Here we go:

For decades, a so-called anti-propaganda law prevented the U.S. government’s mammoth broadcasting arm from delivering programming to American audiences. But on July 2, that came silently to an end with the implementation of a new reform passed in January. The result: an unleashing of thousands of hours per week of government-funded radio and TV programs for domestic U.S. consumption in a reform initially criticized as a green light for U.S. domestic propaganda efforts. Thanks go to The Lonely Conservative for this one.

So what just happened?

 Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012, which passed as part of the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act, and went into effect this month.

BBG spokeswoman Lynne Weil insists BBG is not a propaganda outlet, and its flagship services such as VOA “present fair and accurate news.”

“They don’t shy away from stories that don’t shed the best light on the United States,” she told The Cable. She pointed to the charters of VOA and RFE: “Our journalists provide what many people cannot get locally: uncensored news, responsible discussion, and open debate.”

Full Story over at Foreign Policy

Recall American Citizen Indefinite Detention NDAA (S.1867) 1031? Here is a refresher from Rand Paul. This amendment was voted down.

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