Crackerpiece Theatre: A Translation of the Zimmerman Trial

I hope everyone had a great Independence Day. I don’t have much energy or wish to opine on the heavy concerns of the day. I caught this over at McNorman’s blog, stop by as he has good stuff. Nothing offensive meant by this. It was just funny to me.

Published on Jul  1, 2013

In this edition of Crackerpiece Theatre, we tackle the mysterious dialect used by Rachel Jeantel during her testimony at the George Zimmerman trial! With special guest translator and cracker expert, Alistair McCrackerton.


8 Responses to “Crackerpiece Theatre: A Translation of the Zimmerman Trial”

  1. TexasFred Says:

    That’s funny right there, that’s what this is… Funny… I don’t care WHO you are… 😛


  2. Teresa Rice Says:

    Thanks for posting this Bunkerville. It gave me a laugh. This whole case is such an injustice, a total race appeaser just to please the blacks who threatened to riot. That’s what ticks me off about this whole case.


  3. Designs by Dianne Says:

    Well done and creative! thanks for posting a little levity Bunker!
    It does speak to something else though more paramount in today’s culture. The purposeful ‘dumbing down’ of school kids and Americans as a whole, rather than building up, equipping thinking and responsible individuals! Signs of the UN-progressive slave market. Jones has an interview regarding this very thing: Mind Control in Public Schools with Charlotte Iserbyt I like the new graphic intro!


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