Feinstein: ‘I can’t remember how many DUI’s one can have’ and still be legalized

The exact quote: “I can’t remember how many DUI’s somebody can have’ and still be legalized under immigration bill.

There are plenty of blogs that have reviewed the nasty business inside the immigration bill that just passed its first hurdle. Instead, I bring you this summary from our gal Feinstein who really has not a clue what she voted on because….drum roll please…… “my mind is filled with intelligence right now,” so let us rush this sucker through as fast as possible because we all need to get out-of-town before… well, you fill in the blanks. Video of her over at CNS News. Hint: No one has read the bill.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.)  said on Tuesday she “can’t remember” how many DUIs an illegal alien can have and still be made a legal resident of the United States under the immigration reform bill being considered this week in the Senate.

At the Capitol, CNSNews.com asked Feinstein, “Under the Corker-Hoeven amendment last night, the immigration bill, how many DUIs can an illegal alien have before becoming legalized?” Feinstein was one of 52 Democrats who voted for the amended bill. “Well, I can’t answer that right now. I just don’t know,” Feinstein replied. “Have you read the bill, the amended parts?” she was asked. “I’m on the Judiciary Committee. I sat through all the hearings and my mind is filled with intelligence right now, and candidly I can’t remember how many DUIs somebody can have, but hopefully it isn’t many.” “Two is what is…” “I was going to say, one or two.” Feinstein interjected. –

In fact, even after the inclusion of the Corker-Hoeven amendment on Monday, the Senate bill will allow an illegal who has two DUI convictions to be granted legal status in the United States and put on a path to citizenship. (See pages 251-253)

H/T:CNS News.. video over at the link.

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