Sebelius: ‘Some live some die’ – Kidney patients told to forget Dialysis

By now most have heard of the child in desperate need of a lung transplant. Am I the only one to recognize the absurdity of this story? Lawmakers and Mothers on bended knee begging for the life of another from a government worker? An unelected government worker, a drone, perhaps in the future an IRS agent who came out of La Raza, (WH wants to hire political hack to head office of Personnel) making the decision?  But this is not the first, nor will it be the last. As she says

“Someone lives and someone dies.”

Sebelius says it isn’t her place to pick and choose transplant recipients— The plight of a dying 10-year-old girl in urgent need of a lung transplant has  been taken up by some GOP lawmakers, and it’s shining a light on what critics  say is a questionable policy that puts children further down the waiting list.

Read more: Politico

Recall this? Kidney Patients told to accept death, forgo Dialysis –  Asking Kidney Patients to Forgo a Free Lifeline

As they calmly say:

“It was meant to keep young and middle-aged people alive and productive, many of the patients who take advantage of the law are old…  Full story: New York Times

Kidney specialists are pushing doctors to be more forthright with elderly people who have other serious medical conditions, to tell the patients that even though they are entitled to dialysis, they may want to decline such treatment and enter a hospice instead. In the end, it is always the patient’s choice. But for how much longer?

One idea, promoted by leading specialists, is to change the way doctors refer to the decision to forgo dialysis. Instead of saying that a patient is withdrawing from dialysis or agreeing not to start it, these specialists say the patient has chosen “medical management without dialysis”.  ”That is the preferred term,” said Nancy Armistead, executive director of the Mid-Atlantic Renal Coalition, a Medicare contractor that collects data and patient grievances.

Of all the terrible chronic diseases, only one —end-stage kidney disease — gets special treatment by the federal government. A law passed by Congress 39 years ago provides nearly free care to almost all patients whose kidneys have failed, regardless of their age or ability to pay. Just guess how much longer this is going to be the case.

So of course if you are no longer productive, you are really of no use to the Progressive Society. Just add the word Life in the clip below:

Any health care funding plan that is just equitable civilized and humane must, must redistribute wealth (Ed. and life) from the richer among us to the poorer and the less fortunate. Excellent health care is by definition redistributional.


8 Responses to “Sebelius: ‘Some live some die’ – Kidney patients told to forget Dialysis”

  1. JPolk Says:

    This is what happens when those who suckle can do so with a gun to the head of the mother.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Visually correct!


  2. ComradeMatrix (@ComradeMatrix) Says:

    “Death Panels” – the first steps.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Sarah warned us. Sarah, Sarah, Sarah !!


  3. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    The ability to play god must be very alluring to some. Why wouldn’t first come, first serve be the fairest way to allocate finite medical services? Then no one would have to play god.


    • bunkerville Says:

      They have acquired a taste for life and death decisions.


  4. Angel Says:

    a friend of mine is under socialized medicine and she cant even get an aspirin without a script!..this is God awful.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Only the beginning Angel/


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