Levin: “RINO” Issa Didn’t Investigate IRS Before Because He “Despises The Tea Party”

Anyone else sick and tired of the Rino’s ? Sick of the all of the entrenched GOPers who think they will be in Congress till the longer fingers of death take them out? Those who mock Ted Cruz? McCain comes to mind as he more than anyone else is responsible for this post constitutional government we have now. So we so-called “wacko birds” as McCain has identified us, may be in for a surprise. We who alone stopped the train wreck in 2010. Issa and his pals would not be even be in power if not for us. Boehner? Enjoy yourself, we can only hope we can get him off his “horse” in 2014.

I caught the clip on Mark Levin’s program. A nice snarky rant that is a reminder of all that we will be up against in the next year or two.

MARK LEVIN: So why didn’t Chairman Issa hold an investigative hearing a year ago? Why didn’t Chairman Camp, all Republicans, hold an investigative hearing a year ago, and all the other tripping over themselves right now? I’ll tell you why. Because the establishment Republicans, the RINO Republicans, despise the Tea Party. They despise the conservative movement. We exist to be managed, to be shuttled to the polling place, to vote for their candidates. The Karl Roves of the world, and all the rest of them. They fight us in the primaries, they fight us at the grassroots. We’re a bunch of kooks, don’t you know. We’re right-wing nuts, don’t you know. They’re not going to hold an investigative hearing before an election and screw up Mitt Romney’s chances to become POTUS, because a handful of Tea Party activists, you know a couple hundred, claiming that the IRS was targeting them.

Oh, what a bunch of nuts. We’ll fire off a few letter, we’ll ask a question here and there, we might follow up here and there. We’re not going to have a spectacle and actually conduct a hearing. We’re not going to actually exercise our authority under Article One of the Constitution for these Tea Party types of crying out loud, the unwashed. That’s why they didn’t hold a hearing last year! And they’re holding hearings today, not because they give a damn about the Tea Party, or conservatives for that matter, who they are raising money to defeat in the next bunch of primaries, its because they think they can get a political advantage out of this. (Mark Levin Show, May 23, 2013)

H/T: Real Clear Politics

17 Responses to “Levin: “RINO” Issa Didn’t Investigate IRS Before Because He “Despises The Tea Party””

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  3. Always On Watch Says:

    Levin is absolutely correct. The RINO’s despise conservatism. The RINO’s sought to co-opt the TPM. When they could not, they didn’t protect the Constitutional rights of WE THE PEOPLE.

    Politicians are shit weasels. Pardon my language.


  4. Designs by Dianne Says:

    Isn’t their “First Barbeque” for either party. Just depends who’s hosting the cook out!
    The Salomi Baloney Regime ~ http://youtu.be/lVliETsHaLE
    Safe and Respectful Memorial Weekend Bunker.
    Hopefully the Baloney Republic will stay away from the ceremonies, so we don’t have to listen to or watch any Anti-American dribble.


  5. Angel Says:

    great find by Mark! Have an awesome holiday weekend:)


  6. rjjrdq Says:

    From what I’ve seen publicly, I think Issa’s doing a pretty good job considering half his committee and John Boehner are working against him. He’s torn apart ACORN, investigated fast & furious, the DHS and their phony border numbers, not to mention the refusal of the Obama regime to turn over ciriical documents in violation of the FOIA, the NLRB attacking Boeing, TARP now the IRS scandal, the AP and Benghazi, just to mention a few. Any one of those things lead straight back to Obama. With the likes of Elijah Cummings and Dennis Kucinich throwing roadblocks every step of the way, what else is he supposed to do? And John “golf buddy” Boehner isn’t helping. I like Levin, but I think he’s wrong about Issa.


    • bunkerville Says:

      I see your point. Its just that we are a dollar short and a day late. if there had been hearings last year on the IRSthe election may have been different. At least in the Senate. Is it up to Boehner to permit the hearings? I though the chair brought up the hearings.


      • rjjrdq Says:

        Issa, according to an aide, asked the IG for an investigation last spring, after hearing allegations of selective targeting of conservative groups. The IG told him in a letter this summer that he was looking into it.
        Now we have the IG report. Keep in mind Issa was in the middle of fast and furious at the time, in what he described as “bigger than Iran-Contra.” Easy to sit back now and say he should have done this or that.


      • bunkerville Says:

        You make an excellent point. Perhaps I am being too hard on Issa. But as Greta, over on Fox asks all of those she interviews that sit on the committees.’You have the supeona power, why don’t you use it?” Even Gowdy never had a good answer and she asked it three times of him. Bring them in and ask them what is going on…to paraphrase her.


  7. Steve Dennis Says:

    I think it is time we admit that the RINOs are not really RINOs anymore, they are the mainstream Republican party and what it stands for.


  8. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    The GOP (Group of Pathetics) is as much our enemy as the progressive Democrats. Both parties love Big Government. Only the details of their policies are different.In my opinion, the only way we are going to get the attention of RNC is if we refuse to vote for their non-consrvative candidates. Some of my conservative friends argue that we will never be able to change the direction of the country if we don’t win more elections. How long have we been doing that? What has it done to change the direction of the country? Nothing!


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