Maryland Taxes Rain – as mandated by the EPA

Maryland Democratic Governor Martin O’Malley has instituted a tax on citizens for the amount of rain that falls on their property.

This goes to prove that elections have consequences. We were warned what the EPA had in mind to finish off our country. This will bankrupt our cities. The Maryland Dems are just going to do it the old fashion way, Churches and business goes first. Enforced by “surveillance”

Last October 2012 I ran a post EPA turns on the cities – Storm Water Tax coming our way.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Behold the Obama Administration’s new public works plan. Sue cities for polluting waterways and then as part of a settlement require them to spend, er, “invest” billions in extraneous sewer improvements. The White House doesn’t even need legislation to pour this money down the drain. The Justice Department and Environmental Protection Agency have taken enforcement actions against 25 cities over the last four years for allegedly violating the Clean Water Act, and there are another 772 on their list. In addition to imposing millions of dollars in penalties, the feds have forced these cities into consent decrees that will cost their local taxpayers $21 billion. The decrees spell out in detail what capital upgrades they must undertake—everything down to the size of their pipes. The EPA says this extraordinary intrusion on local sovereignty is justified because cities are discharging waste into waterways during heavy rains. Many older wastewater systems include a safety valve that releases untreated stormwater and sewage into lakes and rivers when underground tunnels are flooded. This is to prevent waste from backing up in basements. The EPA has ordered cities to limit such wet weather overflows to four per year, regardless of how much rain they receive or how little muck they discharge. Many cities have already taken concrete steps to reduce such overflows by developing “green infrastructure” (i.e., permeable pavements, rain gardens, catch-basins) that soaks up and diverts stormwater. Such solutions are easier and less expensive to implement than reconstructing their underground systems as the EPA wants them to do.

Back to the Maryland Fiasco:

The tax, officially known as a “storm water management fee,” will be enforced in nine of the state’s counties. The state legislature passed it in 2012 purportedly to “raise revenue to cleanup [sic] the Chesapeake Bay,” according to

Former 2012 GOP U.S. Senate candidate Dan Bongino bashes the tax in a Wednesday afternoon press release. The law “requires individuals, businesses, and even charitable organizations and houses of worship to pay a tax based on the amount of rain that falls on their property and the ‘impervious surfaces’ on their land,” he says.

The tax, mandated by the EPA and enforced locally, will be calculated “through satellite surveillance of your property,” the statement claims.

H.T: Breitbart

14 Responses to “Maryland Taxes Rain – as mandated by the EPA”

  1. Ray's Mom Says:

    Maryland government has been taxing to ‘save the Bay’ forever. They used tax money to purchase farms that bordered the Susquehanna River ‘to keep runoff out of the Chesapeake Bay. Someone has a shorter memory than me if they can’t remember when access to the River and recreation areas were open for anyone to use. Now they are controlled by the forestry. Afraid to imagine what is next.


  2. Steve Dennis Says:

    I saw this earlier today and it is absolutely absurd that a person can be taxed for the forces of nature. I had no idea this came from the EPA but I should have, this is going to hit all of us eventually.


  3. Designs by Dianned Says:

    Good thing we have Representatives looking out for our best interest!
    I suppose we could give our friend Kim Jong Un the coordinates of their next meeting for his practice shot. Could prove to be a Win-win situation!
    The Old Testament tells how God instructed selected kings to wipe out certain villages (even the animals) because they were ‘sickly, invested and diseased’ – He didn’t want the infection to spread. Some kings didn’t listen to God and generations later we’re still paying for it.


  4. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    “public-private principal” ???

    So, it is only run-off from private lands that pollute the Bay? This is absolutely insane! Not only will citizen be hit with the tax but businesses wil pass their icreased cost on to the consummer, won’t they? This type of law will have horrible “unintended” consequences.


  5. Always On Watch Says:

    “one few house” should read “one fewer house”


  6. Always On Watch Says:

    Here in Northern Virginia, storm water management has had an adverse effect on housing development — particularly with regard to Boomers who are trying to sell their homes with land which could be built on. We can no longer get nearly as much return on the sale of our property. Feasibility studies are damned expensive, and the end result is always that fewer homes can be built on rather large plats; typically, at least one few house can be built so as to make room for a storm water management facility. To top it all off, there are costs to maintaining those facilities (mowing, trimming, pump adjustments, etc.). All those costs are funded by the taxpayers, of course. What a vicious cycle!


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