Obama’s High-Speed Rail Debacle

We hear a great deal about the solar energy debacle and waste of our dollars. One of the little reported stories has been the even more wasteful allocations regarding the high-speed rail lines. I caught this, and if  we are upset about the waste with the Solyndras, this is even more disturbing. It doesn’t hurt that Senator Patty Murray chairs the Senate panel that funds Transportation.

From Whitehouse Dossier :

I thought you might want to see this report by America’s original cable news outlet on the $12 billion has been spent by Obama on his high-speed rail pipe dream.

You guessed it. Not a single piece of track for high-speed rail has been laid down yet. Some trains have been made a little bit faster.

As this report notes, $800 million of federal money was sent to Washington State to reduce the train ride between Seattle and Portland by ten minutes.

I don’t think you have to be a Jeffersonian advocate of states rights to wonder WHY IN THE WORLD THE REST OF THE UNITED STATES IS PAYING TO MAKE TRAINS A LITTLE FASTER IN WASHINGTON STATE.

On CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” Drew Griffin profiles the unmet promises of the Obama stimulus high-speed rail spending.

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