Energy nominee Moniz ‘We need carbon tax to triple the cost’

How is this for another wacko nominee? Every new appointee more radical than the last. Ernest Moniz. A name we would rather forget. Let’s see what the Senate does with this one.

Moniz position is not far from that of Energy Secretary Steven Chu before he took a job in the Obama administration. “We have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe,” Chu said in 2008. Last year, gas hit $9 a gallon in Greece. Great, $12.00 a gallon sounds like a real economy booster.

Obama’s Energy Secretary Nominee Called For Doubling Or Tripling Energy Costs With Carbon Tax To Push U.S. Towards Green Energy…

Via Beltway Confidential:

President Obama’s Energy secretary nominee regards a carbon tax as one of the simplest ways to move the energy industry towards clean technologies, though he notes that government would have to come up with a plan to mitigate the burden this tax places on poor people, who would pay the most.

“Ultimately, it has to be cheaper to capture and store it than to release it and pay a price,” MIT professor and Energy nominee Ernest Moniz told the Switch Energy Project in an interview last year. “If we start really squeezing down on carbon dioxide over the next few decades, well, that could double; it could eventually triple. I think inevitably if we squeeze down on carbon, we squeeze up on the cost, it brings along with it a push toward efficiency; it brings along with it a push towards clean technologies in a conventional pollution sense; it brings along with it a push towards security. Because after all, the security issues revolve around carbon bearing fuels.”

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11 Responses to “Energy nominee Moniz ‘We need carbon tax to triple the cost’”

  1. America Has Everything Going For It Except Its Leviathan Government | Asylum Watch Says:

    […] our deficits. But what does your President want for America? Get over to Bunkerville and read Energy nominee Moniz ‘We need carbon tax to triple the cost’, That’s right. Your President wants t push US price for electricity up to the same level […]


  2. rjjrdq Says:

    I just got done tearing apart the labor secretary nominee. Now this guy? Where does this road end?


    • Bunkerville Says:

      Where do they find these cretins?


  3. Steve Dennis Says:

    Sounds like he will fit in with this criminal regime. People should have listened to Obama when he said energy prices would sky rocket under his plan and they should have listened when he said he only had a problem with how quickly gas prices rose and not with the rise itself. We are now all going to suffer for this but we are going to get what we deserve for reelecting this man in the first place.


    • Bunkerville Says:

      I agree. Yet where is the outrage? No excitement over the pipeline. No nothing. Brain dead Americans.


  4. Designs by Dianne Says:

    These scum are like a cancer that infects life – steals it away – for its own existence. I use to think that when the LORD returns and wipes away (by the word of His mouth – like a sword) the scum and anti-God humans, that it wasn’t very nice of Him. BUT NOW, I see why it’s necessary!
    COF – maybe you could switch over to Blogger instead of WordPress or Typepad? don’t’ know if those are blocked too, but just a thought – maybe they use your IP, I see where a large number of those have been blocked.
    This has been happening for a couple years:
    Or more recently:


    • Bunkerville Says:

      A sad day for Jim, and what we have in store for us if we don’t stop this nonsense now.


  5. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    I hope you got the e-mail I sent today. Venezuela has blocked access to WordPress so Asylum Watch is out of business. I was able to get to your home pagge by using a Anonymous proxy service, but I still can not get to my word press dashboard. This is a prime example of what happens in statist countries.

    Jim at Asylum Watch


    • Bunkerville Says:

      I did Jim, I also put the word out. Stay safe.


    • Always On Watch Says:

      I’ve sent you an email.


  6. AKA John Galt Says:

    Reblogged this on U.S. Constitutional Free Press.


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