Fall of the Fourth Reich – Empire of Debt

How can the greatest empire in history fall now? In the same way the others did. H/T: Noisy Room

Micro-documentary: Weimar Hyperinflation 1923 vs USA Today

The similarities in the pre-hyperinflationary period appear to be striking! In a nutshell:

  • The national debt had risen to a point where it could not realistically be paid back.
  • The war had costed more than expected.
  • There was a high unemployment.
  • Products and services increased in price, while production decreased significantly.
  • The government’s response was to provide liquidity to the banks and inflate the currency.
  • The gold standard was left several years before.

Going forward, we strongly advice everyone to study what the documentary tells at the 6 minutes mark.

The only thing keeping the dollar afloat is a military bravado that keeps countries of the world inclined to use the dollar has a reserve currency. If that changes along with increasing deficits and diminishing public support for military interventions, we may see German style hyperinflation in the United States of America.

As soon as the world witnesses the loss of trust in the US dollar (the world reserve currency), the financial and monetary system will implode under its own weight. The sad truth is that our beloved leaders are kicking the can down the road for several years, arguing that nothing is going now. They totally ignore the future consequences of current decisions and policies.

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