CPAC nixes Pamela Geller – way to go CPAC

One has to wonder what rail CPAC is riding. Does it hurt the conservative cause to include Pamela at CPAC? Apparently so. A relentless and tireless effort on her part to expose CAIR is worthy of acknowledgement. One has to wonder who got to whom.  Grover Norquist? Is he a Muslim? I am no big fan of Chris Christie, but at this point he is Governor in a heavily Democratic State.Will it corrupt them to hear a few words from him? They dumped him as well. This diminishes their attractiveness for me. We are not going to get the perfect candidate. They are clear that Gays need not apply. So keep narrowing the tent in a hurtful way, and I am sure victory will be right around the corner. That is my morning musing, what is yours?

For the last four years, Pamela Geller of and the American Freedom Defense Initiative have held events at CPAC featuring guests she invites to discuss the influence of Islamism on America. But this year, the American Conservative Union (ACU) has no room for Geller or her message.

In 2009, she brought Geert Wilders, who is the head of the third largest party in the Netherlands and has spoken out against the Islamization of his country.

In 2010 she held an event that her organization, The American Freedom Defense Initiative, hosted, titled “Jihad: The Political Third Rail”, with speakers like Allen West, Wafa Sultan, Simon Deng, Anders Gravers, and Steve Coughlin.

In 2011, she hosted an event discussing the Ground Zero Mosque with 9/11 families. In 2012, the event was titled “Islamic Law in America.”

In years past, the events were standing room only thanks to their popularity, but that apparently was not enough to counter pressure brought to bear from somewhere to exclude Geller’s message.

Geller and her coworkers recently won a court battle allowing them to post ads that countered the #Myjihad ad campaign that posited that jihad was a peaceful word. Yet despite the law’s defense of her rights, the ACU will not stand up for her against critics. More at Breitbart


CPAC Pam Geller Chopped: Accusing CPAC Board of Muslim Infiltration Having Effect – Bill Maher Confused | Maggie’s Notebook Says: (She has more of an idea about this whole thing) Here Video added.

20 Responses to “CPAC nixes Pamela Geller – way to go CPAC”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Just a quick word on Chris Christy…I don’t see why CPAC should give him a platform when it is so blatantly obvious that he is completely unprincipled and nothing more that an opportunist, hanging onto the Feds / Obama for money. I personally don’t care to ever see him again or hear him speak. I fully expect him to change parties at some point. No excuses for what he did after Sandy….among other his pitiful self-congratulating speech at the RNC convention.
    Missing Breitbart …
    The need to have a guy like Mike Cutler speak on immigration…if they aren’t going to have Geller.
    There are a lot of people out here who are sick to death of the likes of RINO’s. Still can’t believe Kasich caved in on the ACA. The Repubs are seriously going to implode because they have lost / and are losing the base.


    • bunkerville Says:

      After thinking about it, you may be right. I guess I am so worried about 2014. It will be doomsday scenario if we lose the house.


  2. Phil Johnson Says:

    I’m with you regarding Pamela Geller. She is a strong voice in a wilderness, when it comes to exposing the Islamists and the threat posed. It is a critical subject area and VERY fitting to be a part of CPAC. I do understand their decision re: Governor Christie, although I don’t get why they fear hearing his words or being associated with him. He IS an effective governor in a very tough state – why not learn from his successes?


  3. maggiesnotebook Says:

    It’s only my guess that the video above has something to do with it, but it’s probably a good guess, considering…. Such a shame. Thanks for the link Bunker.


  4. Steve Dennis Says:

    I thought when they nixed Christie that CPAC was getting serious about purging RINOs from the convention but now it appears as if they have be co-opted by the establishment, ruling class Republicans.


  5. Always On Watch Says:

    The hand of Grover Norquist, perhaps?


  6. Designs by Dianne Says:

    The way I read it was, that instead of having C.C. [who seems to be more watered down than I’d realized he was] as the main speaker Dr. Benjamin Carson was selected – which I thought good. I don’t like their snubbing Pamela though, I’d rather her than Jeb Bush – haven’t they controlled enough skull & bones affairs? Seems you are picking up on the observable evidence of the ‘termites’ invading this group too.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Looks like they are in the tank for immigration as well. Check out the site that linked to me. They are embracing full tilt immigration of McCain et all.


  7. CPAC Pam Geller Chopped: Accusing CPAC Board of Muslim Infiltration Having Effect – Bill Maher Confused | Maggie's Notebook Says:

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  8. Adrienne Says:

    CPAC is nothing more than a political version of a “doctors convention.” A time for a bunch of people to get together, party, and tell each other how important they are. I could care less what they do.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Unfortunately they receive considerable attention, and only reinforce the sterotype. Other than that, I agree.


      • Adrienne Says:

        Maybe it’s time to stop giving them so much attention.

        However, I do agree with you that snubbing Geller and Christie is pretty stupid.

        GoProud is another story. There is no reason on earth (that makes sense) for a group of people to define themselves by the way in which they engage in a sexual act. If we are to have “gay” conservatives, why not “hetero” conservatives?


      • bunkerville Says:

        I know where you are coming from. It seems that we had the most succes in 2010 by avoiding the social issues that the msm uses to demonize us. There will be time to sort all of this out, but if we lose in 2014′, there will no 2016 for us. Obama will have his full agenda in place. Just a point of view.


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    […] CPAC nixes Pamela Geller – way to go CPAC ( […]


  10. Asylum Watch Says:

    One word: COWARDS!


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