Idiot’s guide to weapons for the uninformed

A little something to think about on a Saturday. Hand out a copy to your Liberal friends.

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Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at  Friday, January 18, 4.36 PM


9 Responses to “Idiot’s guide to weapons for the uninformed”

  1. Always On Watch Says:

    Of course, we can’t get the Left to look at these facts. 😦


    • Bunkerville Says:

      Quite true. I thought a visual might help. :))


  2. Designs by Dianne Says:

    To liberals (‘lie – able’ believers) this is ‘mean spirited’ and therefore wrong, not to be believed. The very one’s “blinded” by deceit and masquerade (the god of this age) turn from the truth and support (viciously) the liars. May the Truth Light of the LORD of Host draw the blind, set them free to see, understand, and flee from the wrath to come!
    *Hope you had a great vacation Bunker!


    • Bunkerville Says:

      Still down here in Florida..80 out, but getting through it!


  3. Ray's Mom Says:

    Very good and informative


    • Bunkerville Says:

      Sums it up doesn’t it.


      • Ray's Mom Says:

        Certainly does.


  4. Cheryl Says:

    Be careful there, Bunker. Before you know it they will be taking our cars away from us, too!
    Oh, wait…I forgot…they are already doing that.
    Carry on and keep the faith…


    • Bunkerville Says:

      Yes, and our land and homes as well.


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