Google’s Schmidt considered for Cabinet post – Egypt’s best friend

The fact that latest reports are that Eric Schmidt will decline any cabinet position offer in the administration should not bring us any relief of concern.  I have done numerous posts on the direct involvement of Google and a number of his Executives in the various Arab Springs. Know for sure, Google is more than willing to help Obama with any spying desired. Now that the NSA case is back in the news, let’s take a look as well as his particpation in the Middle East debacle.

NSA spying on Citizens  Chilling video and story later in post: “The Program”. (By the way Schmidt and Google are working with the NSA).

Eric Schmidt and what he is about. What part does he play with the NSA

Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman and former CEO, is reportedly on the White House’s list of candidates to either replace Timothy Geithner as Treasury Secretary or head up a new position to be coined something along the lines of “Secretary of Business,” according to The Washington Examiner. “Nobody’s better positioned for a Cabinet job, if he wants one,” a Democratic strategist told The Examiner. Money News

ERIC SCHMIDT, FORMER GOOGLE CEO: “My view of Mr. Soros is that he is one of the most important people in the world today in terms of the impact he has had”.

“What we shared is a belief in changing the world from the bottom up, not from the top down,” Obama told Google employees during a 2007 visit to its headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. Money CNN Didn’t Van Jones say something like that?

Three reasons to be wary of Google

Eric Schmidt, the former CEO, he is on the White House council for science and technology, co-chaired by John Holdren.

Second point — they are working with hard-core leftists. Eric Schmidt is on the board of an organization called the Politics of Trust Network. You might recognize a couple of other names on that board like Van Jones, oh, and Drummond Pike, the former CEO and founder of the Tides Foundation.

In 2010 the Google, Inc. charitable giving fund of the Tides Foundation gave over $145 million directly to nonprofits and academic institutions. Google has made donations in the seven figure range to George Soros is doing that, too, one of farther left political action groups in America.

They also gave money to the Trickle Up Program, a big recipient of cash from the Tides Foundation and George Soros’ Open Society Institute. And speaking of George Soros, here is Eric Schmidt saying this about George Soros. “My view of Mr. Soros is that he is one of the most important people in the world today in terms of the impact he has had”.Full story here at Fox News

Obama and a Search Engine gets you an Egyptian Revolution:

Wikileaks published a secret cable that detailed the U.S. government’s involvement with  Egyptian dissidents.

UPDATE: WSJ 2/7/11: Google Executive emerges as a key figure in the Revolt:Read Here

More than a week after his mysterious disappearance in Egypt, Google executive and political activist Wael Ghonim will be released from government detention on Monday, according to his family and a prominent businessman.

When I heard that the Google Exec had gone missing in Egypt, I was just waiting for him to bubble back up, and that he did. An earlier story:State Dept was holding meetings with Egyptian Dissidents

I have posted several stories about the April 6 group or “Alliance for Youth Movements”. Hillary Clinton set up these meetings. The  Hilliary Video includes the work with Face Book and the Google Executives in order to teach youth around the world how to agitate.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton records a video message for participants of the Alliance of Youth Movements Summit in Mexico City, Mexico October 16, 2009


The world’s governments are getting sick of google and its shenanigans.

Russia is getting tired of google as well:

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s deputy blamed Google Inc in an interview published on Tuesday for stirring up trouble in the revolution that ousted Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak.

“Look what they have done in Egypt, those highly-placed managers of Google, what manipulations of the energy of the people took place there,” Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin told the Wall Street Journal.  Reuters

We should be as well. First they are working closely with the government.They have a close relationship with the NSA. They work closely with law enforcement. Last year they signed a $27 million deal with the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. I don’t even know what that is.

But they have been accused of receiving preferential treatment and a $6.5 million contract with the General Services Administration. They are working hard to bring net neutrality, the kind that like Free Press are advocating for.

NY Times Domestic Spying program  story:The filmmaker Laura Poitras profiles William Binney, a 32-year veteran of the National Security Agency who helped design a top-secret program he says is broadly collecting Americans’ personal data. September 2, 2o12

NSA spying on Citizens


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  3. Phil Johnson Says:

    Great article. Very informative. I wasn’t aware of some of these connections.


    • bunkerville Says:



  4. Cheryl Says:

    Between Smart Meters, drones, and this from Google …you can run, but you can’t hide. Technology for good use….again turned on its head for evil. Good post, Bunker. Scary, but I guess we know what is coming at us.


    • bunkerville Says:

      It is going to be some ride.


  5. silverfiddle Says:

    It’s a Brave New World…


    • bunkerville Says:

      And we are riding the rocket into hell apparently.


  6. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    Bunker, your post today and mine complement each other very mich. What you are describing is just the lattest efforts the elite are using to take America away from us. It has been going on for many many years and they have almost completed their mission.


    • bunkerville Says:

      I had an excuse to resurrect google, and bet they are up to their eyeballs now in all of this spying on us.


      • Steve Dennis Says:

        They sure are! Is it any wonder Obama wants this man in his cabinet?


      • bunkerville Says:

        You got it Steve.

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