Was Paula Broadwell set up to take down Petraeus?

Now we have a shirtless FBI agent who manages to hack into Paula’s e-mail. for the “other woman” Jill Kelley- the two of them are friends . He sent her a pic of him shirtless. What a guy.No threatening e-mails were found according to Morning Joe’s program this morning. But full steam ahead. Who authorized the hacking? What really is going on? What does this do to the Benghazi story? The real story moves along, or is this another diversion from the truth

This never made sense to me. Broadwell and her background just never made the smell test for taking down Petraeus this way. Affair yes, but getting into something else that was indiscrete just didn’t jibe.There is so much more yet to know. And the FBI? Let’s wait and see about these classified documents. I want to wait a second before throwing everyone under the bus. And our leader? What did he know and when? Hillary Clinton knows how to take care of things.

Recall Travel Gate? For those too young:  Number 30 in the list : Vince Foster Dead


…the long-hidden notebook kept by Vincent Foster had been in the office of White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum following Mr. Foster’s death. The notebook chronicled Mr. Foster’s anguish over Hillary Clinton’s role in the firings, Harry Thomason’s potential criminal liability, and whether the White House scandal containment strategy could be maintained to stop at the level of David Watkins.

The Wall Street Journal reports today that the FBI found classified documents on the computer of CIA Director David Petraeus’ lover and biographer, Paula Broadwell. As Business Insider reports:

 In September, the FBI began to do a legal analysis to see if there were any charges that could be brought. They decided to interview Broadwell.

 During her first interview, she admitted that she was having an affair with Petraeus and gave up her computer to the investigators.

 On it, they found classified documents.

 Petraeus reportedly maintains that he did not provide Broadwell with the documents.



10 Responses to “Was Paula Broadwell set up to take down Petraeus?”

  1. Ashok Rao Says:

    The US was funneling arms to Syrian anti-Assad rebels/terrorists/freedom fighters (take your pick) via arms being bought from Libyan militias (obtained by these Libyan entities during/in the aftermath of the takedown of Gaddafi – he allegedly had large stockpiles of arms and gold/hard currencies).

    A “win-win-win” situation:

    – Get arms (small, large, and dangerous/Stinger) out of the hands of various Libyan players and make the country/US forces safer
    – Funnel arms (small, medium) into the hands of Syrian pro-US/US proxy players
    – No need for any US mainland “touchpoints” (Mena, New Orleans, etc. – might ring a bell for some of the over-40s in the audience)
    – Keep it on the QT, as some recipients of arms are also known/suspected of being AQ affiliates/associates/sympathizers/empathizers/admirers/groupies/”once had lunch in the same restaurant as a suspected AQ sympathizer” types (take your pick), and providing them arms would be in violation of US law/policy

    Well, it’s all fun and games till a US citizen gets killed (actually, at least 4 US citizens from what I know, but who knows) – so now someone has to take the fall, and the official version has to be maintained as the “truth”

    Zerohedge points to some interesting MSM story links, but hey, they are still MSM….

    You don’t even have to read (or believe) any of that, though. Just read any one of a bunch of books (e.g., Legacy of Ashes, Inside the Company, etc.) to get a *framework* for understanding how this stuff works, and then use your own common sense and gut – run the scenarios, facts over in your head.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Thanks for stopping by and your comment. I want to know where all the ammo and guns the government was buying went. Even social security? Need massive immediate purchases.


  2. Steve Dennis Says:

    I just see this whole story as being way to convenient for Barack Obama. I am beginning to think Petraeus was set up, and willingly obliged, by the Obama regime so this could be used against him if the time arose…..and it did.


    • bunkerville Says:

      It will be interesting to hear the presser with Obama today. Of course he could care less now that he has four more years. Lets see how arrogant he is.


  3. Designs by Dianne Says:

    Inline with my thinking too Bunker. All the “set-ups” that go on, or having the “goods” on someone placed in a key position (that were in turn set-up). It’s like getting someone drugged/drunk then showing the pictures (or threatening to expose them), using them as a (predetermined) scapegoat. Good tag with Foster’s dead and missing doc.s … remember “hiding doc.s down his pants & socks Burger”! Plus, Anytime ‘barry’ involved you know it’s shady.
    Arranged a show from clips of Obama’s stating (out of their own mouths) Kenya’s his home): Dare to Believe the Truth http://www.youtube.com/user/designsbydianne
    The findings of Cold Case Posse were ignored ~ BUT ~ a ‘so what’ affair is magnified. Thanks Bunker.


    • bunkerville Says:

      The info is moving fast now, soon we might just find out.


  4. silverfiddle Says:

    I’ve seen apparently rational people do nutty things, especially when sex and love is on the line. So this is very believable to me.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Agree, but I am not sure about the threatening e-mails, and other various ways this went down. I am sure there was an affair, but….that is what we are waiting for.


  5. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    Geeeeeeez! It just keeps getting better and better. At least if you like horror stories. What must the rest of the world be saying or thinking about the once proud nation, the United States of America? Just how many clowns go we have in this government? What is their game? Is this all a bunch of unintended consequences or is there something diabolical going on? If we conservatives can not agree on what our real problem is and who our real enemy is, we are surely doomed!


    • bunkerville Says:

      Clowns puts it mildly, they must be laughing themselves silly.


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