Pennsylvania – the State to end our “Long National Nightmare”

UPDATE: Philly GOP: Poll inspectors being ousted for Dems

Court-appointed Republican poll inspectors are being forcibly removed from voting stations in some Philadelphia wards and replaced in some cases by Democratic inspectors and even members of the Black Panthers, according to GOP officials

Pennsylvania will be the State to watch tonight. If  PA goes GOP it is all over and we can forget about Ohio. 30,000 plus attended the recent Bucks County rally and the energy was electrifying as reported by one of our comrades. Romney swings back to Pittsburgh again. Just a few short years ago it was unthinkable that the GOP could ever regain control of PA. Now the table has almost been run. All PA needs is to send Senator Casey packing and elect Tom Smith.

Watch for Lehigh and Northampton counties as discussed on the Bill Bennett show this morning. They are the bell weather counties.This is in the Allentown area. Bucks county is another. These returns should come fairly early and maybe we can get a good nights sleep.

Here is the site to watch for PA State election returns:

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) predicted Monday that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney would carry the state of Pennsylvania, pushing back against Obama campaign adviser David Plouffe’s suggestion that GOP efforts in the state were a “desperate ploy” to find an alternative path to 270 electoral votes.

 But Toomey noted that in 2010, Republicans swept statewide offices in Pennsylvania, and he predicted a similar electorate for Tuesday’s presidential vote.

“If you take a look at what happened the last time Pennsylvanians went to the polls, which is 2010, Republicans swept,” Toomey told CNN on “Starting Point.” “I won a statewide office. We elected a Republican governor. The U.S. congressional delegation and the state House assembly. So the fact is Republicans control the government at all levels by big numbers, and I think that this election is going to be much more like 2010 than 2008. I think Gov. Romney’s going to carry Pennsylvania.”

The Hill

16 Responses to “Pennsylvania – the State to end our “Long National Nightmare””

  1. dianne Says:

    “Sweet Home of Liberty” show depicting recent events and perspectives.
    Sad day.


  2. J.G.Lord Says:

    The O man has retained his place the liberating liberal progressives have attained a stronger foot hold the Democratic congress can now hold out for four more years of doing nothing, the white huse can rule by decree as the second party takes the heat for all the failures taking place. as taxes rise and jobs fade away and the paper gains dribble away the awaking will come when equality comes homes when the people of this nation stand again in line for their daily bowl of soup and stale slice of bread.for that is the real price of tax and spend and of spread the wealth. the wealth will go to the top and the people can look on in wonder and ask why and cry.


    • bunkerville Says:

      So well written. Only those who know the last chapter know to fear. They danced all night last night, not knowing the end was near.


  3. lulu Says:

    Looks like Pennsylvania failed the Republicans. So it goes.


  4. KingShamus Says:

    Romney wins Pennsyltucky.

    There, I said it.


  5. Designs by Dianne Says:

    BO states that he needs 4 more years to “finish what he started.” How many people really know what that means … what’s he talking about in ‘reality’ of outcome. Pray him gone and the lot of thieves he brought in with him!
    A new show: Is Valerie Jarrett The Power Hand?


    • bunkerville Says:

      Good one. I have been posting about Iranian born Val since day one. She still has friends in Iran, so her Iranian friends say.


  6. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    I have been waiting fours long years for this day to come. In a matter of hours we will know if America is truly lost or just nearly lost whith at least a chamce of recovering from its sickness. I have never known America to be so divided.


    • bunkerville Says:

      I remember as a small child the anticipation of Christmas. In many ways it is similar, and the meaning of it as well.


  7. silverfiddle Says:

    This is it! I hope it doesn’t drag on all night. I get up very early to go to work.


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