Homeowner Forced to Live with Squatter

Oh I suppose I could quote chapter and verse regarding the laws involved in property ownership. It has to do with the rule of law. But now that we are living in an ex-constitutional era brought on by our redistributive President, this ownership thing is not so clear cut. Of course this is Detroit. What do you do with Detroit? Bulldoze it is one way of taking care of the squatters. But then, where would they go?

Mayor Dave Bing is apparently working on a radical plan that would bulldoze a quarter of the city — some of the most desolate areas — and return it to farmland, the way it was before the automobile. Any residents still there would be relocated to stronger neighborhoods.

But I digress- October 10, 2012 – Michigan woman returns after extended leave to find stranger living in her home.

Cutting to the chase, it is best not to leave your furnished home for very long. You see, someone could come in, put up new curtains, make a few other changes, change the locks and guess what? You are now sharing your home, and good luck in getting them out.

Be prepared, regulations and the lack of respect for private property means things are getting nuttier and nuttier.


From: Fox Video

H/T:Economic Policy Journal

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