Obama Cuts Off Drilling in Half of Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve

Why we are just hearing about this now, is unbelievable. Why the GOP is not out there beating on this is unbelievable as well. Obama’s intentions are clear. He wanted energy prices to skyrocket, he said so. He wanted to end Coal, and he is doing it.  He has plans in place after the election to shut down much of the fracking for natural gas as he can via the EPA. Laying in wait, Salazar has plans to lease Federal Lands to “green” companies to remove any chance of future drilling for gas, coal or oil. What is it the American People are not getting? Here we go:

Gateway Pundit:

Gas prices have more than doubled since Barack Obama took over the White House.
But that didn’t stop him from cutting off drilling in August in half of Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve.

The Wall Street Journal reported, via FOX Nation:

President Obama is campaigning as a champion of the oil and gas boom he’s had nothing to do with, and even as his regulators try to stifle it. The latest example is the Interior Department’s little-noticed August decision to close off from drilling nearly half of the 23.5 million acre National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska.

The area is called the National Petroleum Reserve because in 1976 Congress designated it as a strategic oil and natural gas stockpile to meet the “energy needs of the nation.” Alaska favors exploration in nearly the entire reserve. The feds had been reviewing four potential development plans, and the state of Alaska had strongly objected to the most restrictive of the four. Sure enough, that was the plan Interior chose.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar says his plan “will help the industry bring energy safely to market from this remote location, while also protecting wildlife and subsistence rights of Alaska Natives.” He added that the proposal will expand “safe and responsible oil and gas development, and builds on our efforts to help companies develop the infrastructure that’s needed to bring supplies online.”

The problem is almost no one in the energy industry and few in Alaska agree with him. In an August 22 letter to Mr. Salazar, the entire Alaska delegation in Congress—Senators Mark Begich and Lisa Murkowski and Representative Don Young—call it “the largest wholesale land withdrawal and blocking of access to an energy resource by the federal government in decades.” This decision, they add, “will cause serious harm to the economy and energy security of the United States, as well as to the state of Alaska.” Mr. Begich is a Democrat.

The letter also says the ruling “will significantly limit options for a pipeline” through the reserve.

24 Responses to “Obama Cuts Off Drilling in Half of Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve”

  1. Teresa Rice Says:

    I think Romney connected with voters when he talked about the high gas prices during the debate. He did great explaining how it is connected to Obama’s war on energy. I think that this will help Mitt Romney win over Independents.


  2. Candy Crowley to the rescue – inserts herself and bails out Obama « BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades! Says:

    […] but Candy looked the fool.  Energy? Obama is a bigger fool, check out yesterday’s post. Obama cuts off drilling in half of Alaska national petroleum reserve President Obama is campaigning as a champion of the oil and gas boom he’s had nothing to do with, […]


  3. KingShamus Says:

    But don’t worry–we’ll be energy independent real soon! Any century now! Just be patient, greedy reich-wingers!



  4. Steve Dennis Says:

    This is the first I have heard of this and that is an indictment on the Republican leadership for not getting this story out there. Slowly but surely Barack Obama is implementing his radical agenda designed to drive up energy prices just as he promised.


  5. republican mother Says:

    The GOP is in on it: the industrialization of America, they just sell it differently. I appreciate the work the Begich’s have done with exposing HAARP. I don’t agree with all their positions, but I believe them to be honest people.

    Note: Dream of my Real Father is on Netflix. Check it out. My husbands response: Wow, Obama is more messed up than I could have ever imagined. (And he can imagine a lot)


  6. Teresa Rice Says:

    This is a town hall debate so I hope a question about skyrocketing energy prices comes up. Romney should bring this up on the campaign trail if there’s no question on energy tonight. The GOP in congress need to stop being wusses.


  7. silverfiddle Says:

    I agree with AOW. Romney needs to hammer this. I would be super-pissed if my heating bill doubled.
    Obama has been an unmitigated disaster


    • bunkerville Says:

      Romney needs to hammer away on issues that people can relate to, and this is one. It should be all about energy, not some master plan that no one can figure out.


  8. Always On Watch Says:

    The cost of heating my small house — I heat with oil and a very efficient system — has risen astronomically since BHO took office. Last season, I was paying almost $700 a month! When BHO first took office, I was paying less than $350/month.


  9. Always On Watch Says:

    Romney must bring this up tonight — and in the next debate as well!


  10. LD Jackson Says:

    And Obama says he wants to cut our net oil imports by half? I wonder how he plans to do that, when he is making every effort to shut down domestic oil production?


  11. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    There was anrticle on this a couple of weeks ago by Human Events that I wanted to post on but never got to it.

    I understand tour frustration with the GOP; but you answered your own question in part. This administration have intentionally given the GOP 1001 top priority reasons to be screaming at the top of their lungs. The strategy is working. The GOP can’t figure out which way to jump next. This land withdrawal is just more evidence of what Obama will do if he gets a second term. We have to worry about how much damage he will reek even if he is a Lame Duck President for a couple of months. It’s scary, my friend.


    • bunkerville Says:

      I would hit this hard tonight if I were Romney. Thanks for the link. I recall a vague mention but am surprised Sarah didn’t jump all over this.


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