‘Big Bird’ received stimulus grant and created 1.47 new job(s)

The air waves are full of Obama finding it a hoot that “Big Bird” from Sesame Street via PBS might be on the chopping block if Romney is so fortunate to have his way and is elected. So funny I am laughing myself silly. Never mind that PBS rallies their Libtards to donate zillions of bucks, and their big time elites earn big time bucks but hey, let me not digress. PBS received $444 million dollars in 2012. This is a classic example of the waste that must end. Here we go:

This grant was brought to you by the letters “A” and “R” — as in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, aka the “stimulus bill.”

Sesame Workshop, the independent nonprofit corporation that produces the popular childrens’ program Sesame Street, received a $1,067,532 stimulus bill grant in August 2010, via the Department of Health and Human Services.

The funding was to promote healthy eating according to the federal Recovery.gov website:

SW [i.e., Sesame Workshop] will carry out an expansion of its highly successful Healthy Habits for Life initiative, which promotes improved nutrition and increased physical activity, targeting low-income preschool-aged children and their families and care providers.

The projected created “1.47″ new jobs, the website reported. How they could calculate this to a hundredth of a percent is anybody’s guess. In any event, that comes out to about $726,000 per job created. H/T:Washington Examiner

Romney: “We have bigger problems than Big Bird”.
H/T: Adriennes Corner

8 Responses to “‘Big Bird’ received stimulus grant and created 1.47 new job(s)”

  1. Designs by Dianne Says:

    Seems appropriate that Big Bird is a focus presently => symbolizing the mindset and ’emotional immaturity’ of this dumbing down age of downgrading mentality and quality of living standard phenomenon! Note: so-called elites don’t apply it to themselves, only the ‘general public’, while they live in luxury.
    Keeping childish ‘dreams and desires (wishful thinking and faulty beliefs)’ alive rather than dealing with the true “threats from within” which require sanity and rational ability to think clearly about reality.


  2. Steve Dennis Says:

    Obama overplayed this hand, and it was a losing hand to begin with. Romney’s comeback today was great and if Obama was smart he would drop this from his speeches.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Right you are. This keeps reminding people of the debate. The ad Obama has out with the bird is wacko. They are losing their wheels.


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