Obama only ‘eye candy’ and Chris Mathews lost his tingle

What to say after one of the best political nights since the 2010 election night when we took back the House. I caught an interview from CNN and realize the Obama clan has no hold on reality whatsoever. So congrats Mitt, not much more to say, Chris Matthews at his best.

“One of the first things I saw on the basketball court was his lack of ego,” Robinson said. “The game wasn’t about him. It was about the game and about his teammates.”

Some observers have suggested that it is the first lady who grounds the president and keeps his ego in check, but Obama was adamant that this president is grounded on his own.

“Barack doesn’t have a big ego,” she said. “That would kind of be the last thing that I would think of when I talk about my husband is big ego, because he doesn’t have that. So it’s not much to check.” CNN

Here is Chris Matthews meltdown:


19 Responses to “Obama only ‘eye candy’ and Chris Mathews lost his tingle”

  1. rjjrdq Says:

    What does he mean Obama doesn’t watch cable? I thought MSNBC was campaign central?


  2. Steve Dennis Says:

    A great night indeed! It was almost more enjoyable to see the left melt down than it was to see Romney dismantle Obama. Almost…..


  3. The Conservative Hill Billy Says:

    Compared to Mishey’s ego and her rump,, Bamma’s is pretty small. 🙂


  4. ComradeMatrix (@ComradeMatrix) Says:

    Nice post Bunker. I love how the left are squirming today to find ways of explaining Obama’s failure. Everything from Mitt lied, killing Big Bird, and blaming Jim Lehrer. Hah!! its too much fun! Interesting stats on the debate here: http://blog.twitter.com/2012/10/dispatch-from-denver-debate.html This was the most tweeted political event ever…but next week we get to see ole Joe in action!!


  5. TexasFred Says:

    Last night everyone except the most rabid Obama sycophants were firmly convinced; Barack Hussein Obama is an idiot of the 1st order… Of course they still love Obama and will vote FOR Obama, but now the reasons have drastically changed… Now it’s because they just don’t want to *kick a brother* while he’s down…


  6. Freedom, by the way Says:

    I didn’t bother with MSNBC pundits following the debate, so thanks for sharing this great video of Matthew’s meltdown of the crushing defeat of his Chosen One, Obama. I did slip over to Morning Joe on MSNBC this a.m. and the usually loud, Romney hate-spewing crowd was hushed. Even they admitted that Romney gave an excellent performance and their guy–horrible.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Yes, t could not resist watching msnbc this morning. You would think someone died. Thanks for stopping by, stop by again.


  7. Kurt Silverfiddle Says:

    David Gergen I think it was had an insightful comment. Obama had never been talked to that way, and it made him angry and petulant.

    Mitt Romney did an awesome job, start to finish. The thrill is gone from Chris Matthews’ leg…


    • bunkerville Says:

      Yes, his ego got bruised big time. We will soon see an “angry black man” who is the real Hussein. Just like after 2010.


  8. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    That is the definition of a melt down! I can’t remember when i enjoyed watching an LSM video so much. I linked you in my post today. Every conservative needs to watch Chris mathews disintegrate before their eyes. Priceless! Than you Bunker for sharing that!


  9. Romney On The Road To Victory! « Conservatives on Fire Says:

    […] were disappointed in Obama’s performance. If you havent seen this video, get over to Bunkerville and watch Chris Mathews go through a complete an utter meltdown. It is […]


  10. Teresa Rice Says:

    Obama doesn’t already watch MSNBC? The Chris Matthews meltdown was great.


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