D.O.E. wants to harness energy off of ocean waves

After  Pacific Gas & Electric gave up on its ocean “wave machine” intended to produce energy because it was “unviable”– in other words, one big time loser- see picture below- have no fear. The Dept of Energy will happily poor in our bucks to continue the charade. That is what Obama says our government is for don’t you know. Venture capital bad. Government money good.

The U.S. Energy Department says it has half-a-million dollars to spend this year to test technologies that may be able to harness energy from ocean waves. The goal is to someday supply clean, renewable power to highly-populated coastal regions.

In 2007, Pacific Gas & Electric began examining the feasibility of using energy from waves as part of its shift to renewables. But a few years later, the utility announced it was suspending its project off the coast of Humboldt County, Calif. CNS news

“The decision was made after several major challenges made the project unviable at its proposed configuration and location,” PG&E said in a news release posted on its website. Moreover, “costs of the project were higher than projected.”

PG&E is suspending permitting efforts on the Humboldt WaveConnect Project. The decision was made after several major challenges made the project unviable at its proposed configuration  and location.

Smart Planet:

Many ideas for harnessing the ocean’s kinetic energy are floating around. Devices exist that mimic wind turbines, that rise and fall with wave crests, that rest on the surface like snakes, and that cut through the water like flying kites.

Testing the water for wave energy in Oregon. Just wait until we try and sail around thousands of these bad boys!

Bunkerville problem resolved- EPA annexes part of Alaska

I am trying to figure out Bunkerville problem and resolve. Please do not click on earlier post on Alaska. Here it the direct link to the Alaska story. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2012/05/epa-shuts-off-major-chunk-of-alaska-to-mining-before-proposal-even-submitted/ So the EPA is now moving before anyone trys to get  permits.

EPA annexes part of Alaska mining before proposal submitted

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