Panetta destroys our defenses over global warming

They never rest now do they?

Defense Secretary Panetta: Global Warming A National Security Threat, “Weighs Heavily” On Pentagon…

When I first picked up this story from America’s Watchtower, I thought that there must be more to this. But then, he is simply a political hack, so why not.  Then I recalled an earlier post: U.S. Navy going Green– here are a few of the highlights to this insanity.

By 2020, the Navy must learn to get at least 50 percent of energy from alternative sources, and 50 percent of the military vessels will have to try hard to zero out- that is to spend no more energy than they can produce. In other words, the sailors themselves have expressed doubts as to how efficient the vessels will be after the replacement of traditional fuels with alternative ones.

The Navy has purchased 450,000 gallons of biofuel for about $16 a gallon, or about 4 times the price of its standard marine fuel, JP-5, which has been going for under $4 a gallon.

 By 2015, U.S. ships must reduce oil consumption by 50 percent. So what do they do? Just sit in port?

If this is not enough to get your dander up try this

DHS strips Coast Guard of Border Security but will now do global warming  

“She is creating a new department under Homeland Security called the Climate Change and Adaptation Task Force, which will be tasked with “identifying and assessing the impact that climate change could have on the missions and operations of the Department of Homeland Security.”

Now back to this idiotic story, the intent of course, is to finish off our military 

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told an Environmental Defense Fund reception in Washington last night that the role of climate change in national security is one of the environmental considerations that “weigh heavily” on the Pentagon.

“Though we are looking at environmental issues, these days I’m a little more focused on the operations of a different kind of SEALs,” Panetta quipped.

“In the 21st Century, the reality is that there are environmental threats which constitute threats to our national security,” Panetta said. “For example, the area of climate change has a dramatic impact on national security: rising sea levels, to severe droughts, to the melting of the polar caps, to more frequent and devastating natural disasters all raise demand for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.”

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10 Responses to “Panetta destroys our defenses over global warming”

  1. KingShamus Says:

    It’s like these guys haven’t seen the CRU hacked e-mail evidence or something.

    Maybe someone should forward the link to Leon Panetta.


  2. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    Since Bush and his unpatriotiv Patriot Act, every time they want to take away our rights and control our lives they claim something is a national security risk. Now it’s clomate change. What the hell are they going to do? Tells no one can live near the San Andreus fault because of eargquake risks; and np one can live near the Gulf Coast or the eastern sea board because of huricanes; and np one live near the tornado allies? They will heard us and stack us and pack us untill we have no freedom at all.


  3. Steve Dennis Says:

    Thanks for the link! It seems strange on its face that Panetta would make such a claim, but it is part of a larger agenda of the Obama regime and these people must be exposed.


  4. republican mother Says:

    Choose the form of the destructor. The Elites decided to go with the Club of Rome recommendation about “saving the earth” against humanity as the common enemy to unite us all. This isn’t about Obama, this is a multi-decade long con going on here. Going back as far as 1962, where it was recommended that the US be disarmed and only the UN be militarized. Gee, isn’t that what we go to war with now? UN resolutions.
    Man, my book of Rev is reading like the front page.


  5. silverfiddle Says:

    We’ll be back to horse cavalries and sailing ships if this boatload of bozos win another four year term


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