Obama and his Marxist Cousin Odinga – Is that why we are in Africa?

Earlier we posted Is Obama in Africa to defend his beloved Africa  in trying to figure out why we have our military in Africa. What are we gearig up for? Does Obama’s Marxist cousin Odinga want to give it another try for President of Kenya? For more on this Obama supports Sharia Law and Constitutional change in Kenya  

Odinga is a radical Muslim who’s pushing a new constitution on Kenya that requires all Muslims in the country to obey Sharia law. It also forbids any public displays of Christianity. Odinga cut a deal with radical Islamic groups to get it passed and Obama continues to support him behind the scenes with millions of tax payer dollars.

Odinga burned 50 Christians in a Church seeking refuge.

Get this: Odinga’s campaign slogan was “Vote For Change.”

Members of Congress are beginning to question the Obama administration’s full throated support for a radical Islamic constitution in  Kenya. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) is calling for an investigation and says the administration may be violating federal law.

Now we have a video that tells the tale of Obama. There are a few minutes of conversation regarding his place of birth. I know many do not share this controversy Move it up to about 1:45 to miss this part.The rest of the video, especially on Kenya is very much true in all that I have researched. Read more on Obama and Kenya here


11 Responses to “Obama and his Marxist Cousin Odinga – Is that why we are in Africa?”

  1. Geo Says:

    Great Article, Bunkerville! I can’t figure out how this guy is getting away with this crap, while the Repubics just keep hitting the snooze on the alarm. We no longer have Three Co-Equal Branches of Government. We have the Executive and the Judiciary sitting in the wings waiting to pounce and back it up.

    Next week is going to be extremely important and interesting.

    [side note: typo in Thread Title. . . . > Africa]


    • bunkerville Says:

      Geo- thanks for the tip on Africa spelling. You are so right. Next week will be pivotal. Glad you liked the post. These Kenyan stories never get a lot of hits, but I have a compulsion to keep at it..


  2. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    There seems to be a MSM news blackout of our activities in Africa. How many troops do we actually have there? What have they been doing for the last several months? Mr. transparency doesn’t want us to know something.


    • bunkerville Says:

      I have been reading the African Newspapers and we are bombing, it is reported, via drones. Who are they killing? How many civilians. As Comrade Matrix remarked in comments elsewhere, the MSM is more worried about pink slime. We each have our interests when we blog. Mine is this African thing because I dont understand the end game.


  3. genomega1 Says:

    Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed.


  4. silverfiddle Says:

    The groundwork for this entanglement was laid by President Bush and the congress before Obama ascended to the throne. Despite this, I still don’t discount the possibility of funny business going on.


  5. Teresa Rice Says:

    Great post! The way Obama portrays his life is fraudulent. But what can you expect from a first rate liar?


    • bunkerville Says:

      HIs comments regarding the pipeline and oil production are out right lies. How much longer does he think he can fool the majority of the population? Don’t answer it!! 🙂


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