Obama fails to tell Americans the danger of contraception

American Thinker’s piece,  Politics and the Presidents pill- are they healthy for women? was kind enough to include a link to my post, Obama:’Contraceptives prevent Ovarian Cancer’. Obama’s suggesting that Contraception was a “healthy choice” is false. Having been taken to task in my comment section that I claimed that Obama was espousing false information, here is the down and dirty information that Planned Parenthood, and many physicians are probably not telling women. I highly recommend that all women read the full post over at American Thinker,as well as the men who love women. From their piece:

One of the greatest problems with “the pill” is lack of informed consent about risks and side effects.  Barbara Seaman, a medical journalist during the 1960s, received a large number of inquiries from her readers about the new pill.  As the pill’s complications became more clear, she wrote the 1969 groundbreaking book The Doctor’s Case Against the Pill to expose the information.  (Drug industry pressure resulted in Seaman being fired.)

By 1967, British researchers conclusively linked the pill with thrombosis.  Though rare, it can be fatal.  In more recent years, the pill continues to be linked to thrombosis but also to breast cancer, cervical cancer, infertility, liver cancer, and stroke.  The World Health Organization has classified hormonal contraceptives as a Group 1 carcinogen — a substance that causes cancer.  Lanfranchi, a breast surgical oncologist, has compared the pill to a molotov cocktail that you throw at a young girl’s breast; she has wondered how often physicians prescribe a Group 1 carcinogen.  These risks are increased if women have never been pregnant, are black Americans, and/or do not possess what are called “protective genes” — known as BRCA2 or BRCA1.

The relationship between the pill and breast cancer is fairly simple to understand: both pregnancy and contraceptive hormones cause breast tissue cells to multiply, resulting in immature breast cells.  While a completed pregnancy causes these cells to mature, contraceptive hormones with their added estrogen can directly damage breast tissue DNA.  Breast tissue remains susceptible to cancer until it undergoes the stabilizing transformation in the childbearing process, which makes the pill particularly dangerous to women who have not yet had their first child — perhaps the largest group of pill-users in the U.S.  Studies have linked pill use to a 660-percent rise in non-invasive breast cancer since 1973.  This also explains why women who have gone through childbearing are considered a lower risk for breast cancer.

The Mayo Clinic meta-analysis in 2006 concluded that breast cancer risk rises 50 percent for women taking oral contraceptives four or more years before a full-term pregnancy.  “Oral contraceptive (OC) use early in life is associated with more aggressive [breast cancer] disease.

Read more: American Thinker

21 Responses to “Obama fails to tell Americans the danger of contraception”

  1. Trestin Says:

    True, but this whole thing is not about contraception, it is about the government acting outside its constitutional limits.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Indeed… but I am looking at all aspects, and this one should resonate with his false statements that the pill was a miracle drug.


  2. comradematrix Says:

    And I keep wondering why there is so much more breast cancer now than when I was growing up. Duh! That explains a lot. Good job on that article Bunker!


    • bunkerville Says:

      “Studies have linked pill use to a 660-percent rise in non-invasive breast cancer since 1973”. And the Susan G. Komen foundation wants to give money to Planned Parenthood to give out these carcinogens?? Nice hearing from you Martrix!


  3. republican mother Says:

    Thanks for this information on the pill, Bunker. I know a friend who was advised to put her 12 year old on the pill for heavy periods. She, of course would not, but it goes to show that they pop these things like candy out there.

    I noticed it doing bad things to me, and when I looked at the insert, I was astonished at the horrible side effects. When you bring up the aborficant nature of them to you doctor, he acts like its all in your head, despite being clearly printed on the insert.

    As a nursing mom, it’s good to know that using your boobs keeps you from loosing your boobs. But the libs don’t want that info out, do they?


    • bunkerville Says:

      No indeed. Breast feeding is great for the baby, and many physcicans refuse to face the facts of the consequences:
      “World Health Organization has classified hormonal contraceptives as a Group 1 carcinogen — a substance that causes cancer” How many other drugs would, be prescribed in this way?.


  4. Matt Says:

    Well, our leftist friends are openly openly in favor of population reduction. So what if women die? From their perspective, many women will vote for them, then sicken and die from diseases. For the lefties, that’s a win-win.


    • bunkerville Says:

      That is the cold hard truth Matt. Only their agenda matters. We know how they rale against smoking. Birth control pills are far more dangerous, and prescribed to the unsuspecting. Women take it in good faith.


  5. Steve Dennis Says:

    Congrats on the American Thinker link, it looks like you have made the big time!


  6. Sherry Says:

    Here’s the danger of saying “No” to Planned Parenthood (what thugs):


    Hattip to Kim


  7. The Conservative Hill Billy Says:

    I am sorry, but I can’t pass up the line”Drug industry pressure resulted in Seaman being fired”:)
    But yes, the dangers are very rarely reported.


  8. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    Whether some women will admit it or not, you are telling them what they need to hear as opposed to what they want to hear. The truth is often painful to accept.

    Congratulations for being linked by American Thinker. Well done!


    • bunkerville Says:

      Putting teenagers on this medication is criminal in my mind. Women need to face a cruel fact that this is dangerous activity. It would be nice if the Komen foundation worked on this issue as well with 1 in 9 women getting breast cancer. Instead, they backed down over this issue and gave Planned Parenthood ,money to subject women to this carcinogen.


  9. silverfiddle Says:

    Excellent job laying down some inconvenient truths.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Most of my regulars know by now that I work in healthcare.Contraception and the risks have been known for half a century. If there was any other drug as dangerous to women, it would have been long gone. But the Progressive agenda proceeds, and women are the ones being duped. Shame on all who know about this sham. When Obama out right lies about it in his speech, he will stop at nothing.


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