Vote Tally Count Defense Authorization Act

Update 3: Obama lies, insisted that detention of Americans be in defense bill 

Senator Carl Levin:

“But… It was his administration that insisted that the language be included in the bill”.


The U.S. Senate approved the final bill today by a vote of 86-13 and it goes to President Barack Obama for his signature. The House approved the measure yesterday by a vote of 283-136.

For the Vote Breakdown of Senate Vote Final: Gov Track  House vote below the video

Rand Paul and Judge Napolitano discuss the ramifications of the bill

UPDATE, December 15, 2011 HR 1540 passes House. For the controversial inclusions of the bill  including American detention without due process, See earlier post: Storing more than seven days of food makes you a suspected terrorist


The National Defense Authorization Act and its controversial provisions regarding detention of terror suspects passed the House of Representatives Wednesday night, 283-136.

The measure split Democrats right down the middle, with 93 voting in favor and 93 against legislation that President Barack Obama tactily endorsed earlier in the day by retreating from a veto threat. Though the bill passed handily just before 7:00 PM, there was a surprising amount of opposition from Tea Party faithful and other conservative GOP members, 43 of whom opposed the legislation. A full roll call is posted. Source:

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Number: House Vote #932 in 2011 [primary source:]
Date: Dec 14, 2011 6:58PM
Result: Passed
Bill: H.R. 1540: National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012

Vote Overview

  Totals Democrats Republicans Independents All Votes
Needed To Win
Aye: 283 (65%)
93 190 0
No: 136 (31%)   93 43 0
Present: 0 (0%)   0 0 0
Not Voting: 14 (3%)   6 8 0
Required: Simple Majority of 419 votes (=210 votes)

(Vacancies in Congress will affect vote totals.)

More information: Aye versus Yea






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Mayor asks State to allow Illegals to vote

New Haven’s mayor wants illegal immigrants to be able vote in municipal elections

I am searching for a comment to make on this absurd story. Of course it is absurd now isn’t it? Did you ever have a story or post in the past that sticks in your head that gives Ripley’s Believe it or Not a run for its money? Of course it must not be legal? Then the Mayor says  “follow the lead of other cities”. So if you think that the Federal Courts cannot get in our elections and trash the Constitution, take a look at an earlier past post that I still find chilling,  Federal Court orders Port Chester to implement new voting methods.

“Cumulative voting” is a method of voting . Under cumulative voting , each voter gets to cast six votes, but not necessarily for six different candidates. He can vote for six different candidates, cast all six votes for one candidate, or any combination in between just as long as he casts no more than six votes for that contest.

 But back to the business at hand.

DeStefano, a Democrat, said illegal immigrants pay taxes indirectly through rent and send their kids to New Haven schools and should be able to vote.

New Haven Mayor John DeStefano plans to ask the state Legislature to allow illegal immigrants who live in the city to be able vote in municipal elections.

DeStefano said on Tuesday that the proposal would build a more engaged community and follows the lead of other cities, the New Haven Independent reports.

Several Maryland municipalities already allow non-citizen voting, including Takoma Park, which granted illegal immigrants the right to vote in 1992. Chicago allows non-citizens to vote in school board elections. The proposal has failed in some other communities,

The Independent reports that New Haven has about 10,000  non-citizen immigrants.

Immigrants who are in the U.S. legally or illegally and cannot vote now would still be unable to vote in state or federal elections. More at NBC News

H/T:Commie Blaster

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