Keynesian Economics vs. Austrian Economics

This is quite some video. Bernanke’s statements through the years where he did not have a clue. If you have the time to take a few minutes to see this throw-down, you won’t be disappointed.
Featuring Ben Bernanke, Paul Krugman, Peter Schiff, and Ron Paul. If you are interested in finding more on  Austrian Economics, Mises Institute is a great place to start, as recommended in a comment by Silver Fiddle.


3 Responses to “Keynesian Economics vs. Austrian Economics”

  1. silverfiddle Says:

    Knowledge, more ordinary citizens like us diving into this stuff can save the nation. The wizards are just men behind the curtain, and not only does the emperor have no clothes, he has no clue.

    The best Austrian School site out there is I highly recommend it


    • bunkerville Says:

      Thanks Sf.. I added the link to the post. Great idea. You are right, education is the best medicine. I for one, was unaware until recently, what the “name” of the alternative economics was. I,as well, have learned much over at your blog.


      • silverfiddle Says:

        Thank you. Seems like you’re pretty on top of it yourself.


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