FDA wants Mandatory Salt Reductions

This is the first step to what surely will become the law of the land by a non-elected governmental agency. Wars were fought over salt, but alas, we are doomed to a bland, unappealing  diet. Why should we be able to enjoy food pleasing to the palate? After all, enjoyment of life must be eliminated for the betterment of the few. H/T: The Agitator for the find.

With little publicity, the federal Food and Drug Administration has begun laying groundwork for one of the more audacious regulatory initiatives of the Obama administration: mandatory reductions in the salt content of processed foods in the supermarket aisle and at restaurants. From Cato:

In the mean time, you can file comments here about whether you’d like to go on making these choices yourself, or have FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg make them for you.

In a September 15 “Request for Comments, Data, and Information” (PDF) published in the Federal Register, the FDA solicits from the public “comments, data, and evidence relevant to the dietary intake of sodium as well as current and emerging approaches designed to promote sodium reduction.” Among the specific ideas it has in mind: setting federally prescribed “targets” for “stepwise” reductions in the amount of salt allowable in various foods, the phased nature of the reductions indicated because consumers’ “taste preference for sodium is acquired and can be modified.”

Various government programs (notably in Mayor Bloomberg’s New York City) already arm-twist producers into supposedly voluntary reductions, but the FDA notice hints broadly that voluntary measures will not suffice. Its public comment period ends next Tuesday, November 29; let’s hope the agency gets an earful from citizens about the importance of freedom and consumer choice.

 Full story at  Cato

7 Responses to “FDA wants Mandatory Salt Reductions”

  1. republican mother Says:

    Here’s the Salt Nazi map:

    Got curious to see what Margaret Hamburg was into:
    Council on Foreign Relations, just like Bloomberg
    CIA Intelligence Science Board
    Trustee at Rockefeller University
    Trustee at Rockefeller Foundation
    (the name Rockefeller is synonymous with social engineering ya know)
    Trustee at Sidwell Friends School where the Obama children go
    on the board of Henry Schein, a medical products company
    A trustee at The Century Foundation, a progressive and globalist think tank founded by a FDR crony.
    Also a member of all the requisite health groups, NIH, IOM, etc.

    The more you know…


  2. republican mother Says:

    You’ve got to ask yourself, who does this benefit? They don’t give a whit about your health, that much is pretty obvious. It’s about control. But how does controlling the amount of salt fit into their plans?


  3. Always On Watch Says:

    Gah! The Nanny States is burgeoning to epic proportions.


  4. Steve Dennis Says:

    They are just going to keep coming after us from multiple fronts because they know that we can’t stop them all while we are distracted. They wan’t to coerce us out of our cars and change our tastes in food all under the guise of doing what is best for us instead of letting us make our own choices. They will not stop until we stop them.


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