Napolitano knew about guns going to Mexico in 2009

 You watch, you decide. This press conference back in 2009  indicates she sure  knew more than what she testified to recently at the Congressional hearing..
“In the 2009 video, Napolitano clearly explains the process of using the eTrace system to track guns as they went into Mexico under Project Gunrunner. This same system would later be used for the subsequent phase of the same overarching program, Operation Fast and Furious”.

Napolitano Knew About Fast and Furious In 2009! H/T: Commie Blaster

Prison Planet:

Big Sis sure knew something was going down in 2009.

11 Responses to “Napolitano knew about guns going to Mexico in 2009”

  1. republicanmother Says:

    From what I’ve read and put together, the USG seems to be the #1 drug kingpin of the world. The CIA’s running of opiate through the Golden Crescent are legendary. Gary Webb thoroughly documented how the CIA started the crack cocaine epidemic through Freeway Ricky Ross.

    I also hate to tell you that this was going on in the Bush administration to as Operation Wide Receiver. This stuff has probably been going on for decades..


  2. Saturday Morning Links: The Halloween Past Edition | Says:

    […] on You Tube as well? CoF: Human Rights vs. Private Property Rights at Catholic University Bunker: Napolitano knew about guns going to Mexico in 2009 Another interesting slice of history @ WWTFT: Loyal Opposition Robot: Progressives Plan to Abolish […]


  3. Trestin Says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, she is a guy.


  4. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    She is even a worse liar than Holder and Obama. The whole barrel of apples that is this administration is rotten! More than rotten, they are criminal, in my opinion.


  5. Steve Dennis Says:

    Good find! These people are really starting to tie themselves in knots because they cannot remember what they said before the death of Brian Terry when they didn’t think anyone was going to know about this operation.


  6. Perceptible Future Says:

    People should burn for allowing such a criminal enterprise in our Government to circumvent our laws. “Ol’ Sparky” will be working overtime heating up all the “Deadwood” that has been piling up around the Capital. The sooner the better.


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