Napolitano knew about guns going to Mexico in 2009

 You watch, you decide. This press conference back in 2009  indicates she sure  knew more than what she testified to recently at the Congressional hearing..
“In the 2009 video, Napolitano clearly explains the process of using the eTrace system to track guns as they went into Mexico under Project Gunrunner. This same system would later be used for the subsequent phase of the same overarching program, Operation Fast and Furious”.

Napolitano Knew About Fast and Furious In 2009! H/T: Commie Blaster

Prison Planet:

Big Sis sure knew something was going down in 2009.

Internet Bill proposed to give more authority to the DOJ

It is hard to believe that there is no one who remembers what the DOJ just did in shutting down websites recently. Why oh why would you give more power to this corrupt administration? Where are our Tea Party members? First, let me give you the story, then let me take you back memory lane. Twice they shut us down, and now we would give them more power to do it again? Guilty until you can prove you are innocent. No Due Process. Welcome to America.

Howard Berman, a Democrat from California who co-sponsored the legislation, said it is “an important next step in the fight against digital theft and sends a strong message that the United Stateswill not waiver in our battle to protect America’s creators and innovators.”

The House Judiciary Committeeis to hold a hearing on the bill on November 16.

The Washington-based Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) said the House bill “raises serious red flags.

“It includes the most controversial parts of the Senate’s Protect IP Act, but radically expands the scope,” the CDTsaid in a statement. “Any website that features user-generated content or that enables cloud-based data storage could end up in its crosshairs.

Internet Service Providers would face new and open-ended obligations to monitor and police user behavior,” the CDTsaid. “Payment processors and ad networks would be required to cut off business with any website that rightsholders allege hasn’t done enough to police infringement.

“The bill represents a serious threat to online innovation and to legitimate online communications tools,” it said.

The Obama administration has come in for some criticism for shutting down dozens of “rogue websites” over the past year as part of a crackdown known as “Operation in Our Sites.” Full story Breitbart 

Now we go back a few short months, and why ICE?:

ICE shuts down 84,000 websites again!

Most of the subdomains in question are personal sites and sites of small businesses. A search on Bing still shows how innocent sites were claimed to promote child pornography. A rather damaging accusation, which scared and upset many of the site’s owners.

The US Government has yet again shuttered several domain names this week. The Department of Justice and Homeland Security’s ICE office proudly announced that they had seized domains related to counterfeit goods and child pornography. What they failed to mention, however, is that one of the targeted domains belongs to a free DNS provider, and that 84,000 websites were wrongfully accused of links to child pornography crimes.

The domain in question is, which belongs to the DNS provider FreeDNS. It is the most popular shared domain at and as a result of the authorities’ actions a massive 84,000 subdomains were wrongfully seized as well. All sites were redirected to the banner below.

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