Border Patrol Agent sentenced for ‘improperly lifting arms’

A U.S. Border Patrol agent has been sentenced to two years in prison for “improperly lifting the arms of a 15-year-old drug smuggling suspect” during an arrest where border agents found more than 150 pounds of marijuana being transported by illegal immigrants across the Rio Grande

Soon our thin blue line, or green as it may be, will no longer be there for us if we allow this nonsense to continue. This is exactly what Holder and Obama want. To demoralize our police force. Those who would give their lives for us. This must not stand. Mexico insists on this? Please, give me a break. Catch this:

The same U.S. Attorney’s office brought charges against two Border Agents in 2006 for shooting a drug-smuggling suspect in the buttocks as he tried to flee back into Mexico after leaving a van filled with 800 pounds of marijuana. The suspect was given immunity for testifying against the agents in that case, where agents were convicted and sentenced to 11 and 12 years of prison.

.The Washington Times reports on the Justice Department’s case, which said the agent violated the drug-smuggling teenager’s constitutional right to be free from unreasonable force:

“Agent Jesus E. Diaz Jr. was named in a November 2009 federal grand jury indictment with deprivation of rights under color of law during an October 2008 arrest near the Rio Grande in Eagle Pass, Texas, in response to a report that illegal immigrants had crossed the river with bundles of drugs.

In a prosecution sought by the Mexican government and obtained after the suspected smuggler was given immunity to testify against the agent, Diaz was sentenced last week by U.S. District Judge Alia Moses Ludlumin San Antonio. The Mexican consulate in Eagle Pass had filed a formal written complaint just hours after the arrest, alleging that the teenager had been beaten.”

Photos showed no bruises or marks that indicated a beating on the suspect’s body, other than marks from the straps of the bag loaded with drugs that the suspect had been carrying. More here at  The Blaze

Remember this? DHS orders Border Patrol to pick up trash

If the Border Patrol isn’t defending the border, what are they doing down there besides providing free police services to invading colonists and getting shot by Mexican bandits? National Border Patrol Council Local 2544 reveals the answer — picking up trash:

Teams of uniformed Border Patrol agents from the Casa Grande [AZ] station are being ordered to spend their duty shifts cleaning up trash on the Tohono O’Odham Indian reservation instead of performing the police work they were hired for.

Then we have this, thanks guys:

From :WND Here

The U.S. Border Patrol captured 59,017 “Other Than Mexican” illegal aliens, and among the nations are four nations on the State Department’s list of “State Sponsors of Terrorism” – Cuba, Iran, Syria and Sudan.

Seven hundred and twelve of those arrested were from Cuba, 14 from Iran, 5 from Sudan, and five from Syria. Others come from Somalia (9), Afghanistan, (9), Pakistan (37), Saudi Arabia (5) and Yemen (11), according to Judicial Watch.

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