King famly paid over $800,000 for ‘rights’ to build statute

You no doubt heard the kerfuffle over the chinese building the statute that is to take up 6 acres of  D.C. land to honor Martin Luther King. Then I got to see the monstrosity, which is simply a take off of most dictators. Stalin comes to mind. Now we hear that the King family is being paid over $800,000 for the “rights” hey, I am related to one of our founders. How about some coin for me?

Atlanta resident Lea Winfrey Young says the “outsourcing” by U.S. companies and organizations to China has gone too far this time. She and her husband, Gilbert Young, a painter, are leading a group of critics who argue that an African American — or any American — should have been picked for such an important project.

“Dr. King’s statue is to be shipped here in a crate that supposedly says ‘Made in China.’ That’s just obscene,” Winfrey Young says. Washington Post




White House press secretary Jay Carney today at the administration’s daily news briefing declined to allow a question about the massive funds paid to the family of Martin Luther King Jr. for the use of his image and his words on a memorial in Washington.

“Both the New York Post and the Weekly Standard report the Martin Luther King family received $800,000 from the nonprofit foundation for the right to use King’s words and likeness on the new statue,” he said. “And my question. Does the president believe similar amounts should be paid to the Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt families and if not, why not?”

It’s been reported that the King family got a payment of $761,000 for the right to use King’s words and images, which followed an earlier payment of $71,000 for a management fee. More at  WND 

9 Responses to “King famly paid over $800,000 for ‘rights’ to build statute”

  1. bydesign001 Says:

    What happened to the terms, “NOT FOR SALE?”


  2. Always On Watch Says:


    What was the reasoning behind this?

    And why isn’t it enough for the King family that MLK receive his own memorial in D.C.?


  3. Carol-Christian Soldier Says:

    the King family is debauched- and so was MLK-


  4. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    “I don’t personally agree with the King family’s decision to take money for the memorial. But before we criticize the Kings, we should criticize the corporations, politicians and others who engage in far more heinous activity,” Watkins concluded.”

    I’m confused. Who paid the King family and why? Was their permission necessary to build a memorial to Dr. King? What nonprofit foundation are we talking about?

    This is just plain absurd!


    • Bunkerville Says:

      I cannot imagine why the King foundation had to be paid, nor why they accepted it. As I read it, they have been collecting donations and at this time are short. They had hoped that china would chip in. Marxist to Marxist no doubt.


      • bydesign001 Says:

        It appears that the King family (if correct) has sold the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

        I had no idea that one could put a dollar value on history.

        How much more desecrating of our history must we endure?


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