Iran’s joyless world for youth

No Water Fights in Iran. What a poignant story that says so much. One can only wonder how such a joyless world could be tolerated. This is how these folks would have the world live. Even the worst of humanity, before Islam, rarely was it required that there be the lack of pleasure for kids. It gives new meaning to the word barbaric.

Sajedinia warned that the force would act against others who disrupted “public order and security”.

A number of young people have been arrested in Tehran due to engaging in a water fight, using water guns and bottles, and have been accused of violating Islamic principles and norms.

This photo taken from Facebook page of the participants of the water fight. “All we want is a bit of joy,” one participant wrote on Facebook.

Tehran’s police chief, Hossein Sajedinia, said a group of young Tehran residents were arrested for splashing water at each other, according to Radio Free Europe. Sajedinia warned that the force would act against others who disrupted “public order and security.”

 The young women and men gathered last week in a Tehran park to have a water fight. The event, planned and organized on Facebook, had reportedly attracted around 800 people. Many praised them for their creativity, for managing to organize the event; however conservative websites used the “incriminating” photos to accuse the young people of immorality and corruption.

One parliament deputy, Mousa Ghazanfarabadi, said the organizers of the event were trying to distance the youth from Islamic principles and the values of the Islamic republic. Another lawmaker, Hossein Ebrahim, called on the judiciary to take action against similar events.

Hurriyiyet daily news

6 Responses to “Iran’s joyless world for youth”

  1. D Charles Says:

    I disagree with comments like “Even the worst of humanity, before Islam, ” or with Khomeini.

    The point being that before the Iranian Revolution, even though the government was as corrupt and brutal as it was, the people had fun like anywhere else in the word, and yet if you ask them, they were devout Muslims and Shia to boot!

    If there is no fun in Islam why is it that there are more Arab language (and controlled) Music Video programs than relgious ones? if you ask them, most of them go the mosques on Friday, probably fasting now.

    When asked, the Egyptian movie and theatre actor/comedian/producer Adil Imam, said that why does the west talk so much about the radicals and assume we even listen to them? Sure there are a number of countries that such a statement would get you in prison or killed, but for the vast majority, we are talking two different worlds.


    • bunkerville Says:

      I could have been more precise. “A certain element”. That said, early in my career as an Anthropologist, I studied a zillion cultures, and there was only one that I recall that took no pleasure in life for their children, and that was the Yanomami tribe. Now we have to be p.c. that is being debunked.


  2. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    These same sick fanatics now have ICBMs that can reach any where on the planet.
    They will soon have nuclear warheads. Yhey are building missil silos on the North coast of Venezuela. How good does it make you feel knowing they are in a hurry to be with Alla?


    • bunkerville Says:

      IF Obama was not in the WH– Israel would have taken care of business with Iran.. Lots of luck with this stuff down your way. Our way as well.


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