Judge Napolitano:Unconstitutional Commitee slipped into Debt Ceiling Bill

I happened to catch this action on Fox. Glad to see someone captured it for your enjoyment.  Clever guys, these Obama folks. Keep ripping at the Constitution and before you know it, it will be no longer be there. Put this down as I had a feeling about this. We will end up with the Committee not coming to agreement. Thus the “trigger” will kick in. It will strip our Defense, and pay heed. It will decimate Medicare. No not to the recipients, they will have the illusion of no cuts, but to the providers- Hospitals and Doctors. Once bankrupt, guess who will step in? The Government will. Most Hospitals are running at a deficit or close to it. This will finish them. Did you know that 500 Billion has already been stripped from Medicare? Who do you think is taking the hit? Hospitals are laying off workers. Not buying new technology. All this in order to pay for Obamacare. That is why Hospitals are on their “death-bed”. We just walked into his trap. Now you know.

H/T:Noisy Room. Surprisingly, Hot Air has no problem with it Ed Morrissey needs to think about the consquences of what can happen if there is no agreement

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