EU Court Says Finland Cannot Make ‘Cognac’

Mark one up for the European Union Court. Obama would just love them implement a world court, us included. I get it. Champagne needs to come from a certain region. But just follow the detail of this gem.

You can’t make cognac in Finland. No how, no way.

The EU’s Court of Justice ruled Thursday that a Finnish company called Gust. Ranin Oy cannot use the word “cognac” and its Finnish translation, “konjakki,” on its spirits because that would mislead consumers.

Making true cognac is no simple thing. Only certain grapes can be used. A traditional still must be used. Distillation must be complete by March 31 following the harvest. It must be aged in casks made of particular types of oak, and only in facilities licensed by the Bureau National Interprofessionel du Cognac — the winner in this court case.

But geography trumps all: If it’s not made from a defined area around the western French town of Cognac, it cannot use that name..

CNS News


13 Responses to “EU Court Says Finland Cannot Make ‘Cognac’”

  1. Steve Dennis Says:

    European nations willingly gave up their sovereignity to the EU and to the world court and now they are in a situation where one formerly sovereign nation can tell another formerly sovereign nation what they can and cannot do. In way way they deserve this for going along with this plan, but if Barack Obama has his way the United States will also join the world court and will give up US sovereignity to a foreign court. This must not be allowed to happen at all costs! To think that the United States would willingly give up our sovereignity to a European court halfway across the globe and allow other nations to tell us what we can and cannot do should be offensive to all Americans.


    • bunkerville Says:

      It will be done the ole creep way. Slowly, under the radar. Piece by piece. But then again, we have the Supreme court who has a couple of members who think one should consider International Law in decision makeing… I posted it some time ago.
      Supreme Court Justices think International Law might be something to consider

      Kennedy’s statement:

      ”But “‘[t]he climate of international opinion concerning the acceptability of a particular punishment’” is also “‘not irrelevant.’”

      So holds the Court, by a 6–3 vote, in Graham v. Florida. Hope to have more later today, when I’ve read the opinions, but here’s one item that’s likely to be quite controversial: The majority opinion (Justice Kennedy writing for the four liberals and himself) has a subsection near the end that begins, as quoted above.


      • Steve Dennis Says:

        Well, this certainly is depressing news! You are right, this will be a slow process. The US will not jump in all at once, but it looks like this decision will be the beginning.


  2. D Charles Says:

    I remember many years ago a laughable situation with the Agricultural Commission of the EU being at war with Australia.

    First came the ban in Australia of using the words Champaign etc, then they banned the importation into Europe of boxed wine (with a bladder holding the wine inside). It was square with a tap and thus could sit in the fridge and you just put your glass to it. Australia invented it and used it for 15 years at the time. During the ban a “Frenchman” invented casque wine and the Australian Hardy’s Wine company sued the EU and that French winemaker for millions.

    At the same time because of the then Balkans conflict, the supply of wild pig meat from there was cut and so importers looked overseas and Australia got the job. As the war was finishing it was noted that the Australian wild-pig meat was cheaper. A French member of the European Parliament (who’s brother was the original main importer of the Balkan meat) said in the Chamber that the Australian meet was not “wild pig meat” but “domestic pig meat gone wild” and thus automatically there was a presumption of guilt and not innocent and until an inquiry was made import tax was increased three-fold and thus more epensive and the contracts were lost. The Australian Ambassador to the EU actually took an Australian Tusker Boar (that is the largest and most dangerous type) and had it (in a cage) carried into the floor of the Chamber in Brussels. Australia still exports to this day sangier meat.

    What suprises me when I read about this is that if there is an accussation in the EU parliament, the subject is then blocked or presumed guilty until a commitee proves the case and it takes on average 5 to 9 months to do so. Leftist sh*ts !


    • bunkerville Says:

      Thanks for the History. The amazing thing is that no one seems to be upset with the nonsense going on. So thus, I presume one is guilty until proven otherwise? Great, I am really looking forward to it.


  3. silverfiddle Says:

    This is just one example. Greece sued Denmark over the use of the name “feta” cheese when I live in Germany. Greece won.


  4. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    You are right about Obama’s wish for a World Court. He would sell out the US in a heartbeat.


  5. Otis P. Driftwood Says:

    Then I guess that dusty bottle of 40-year old (at least) Austrian cognac my German neighbor has must be counterfeit.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Wow….best fess up to the E.U. post haste before they come this way with a search warrant! Maybe its time to break it out? I am sure it has a history.


      • Otis P. Driftwood Says:

        He first showed me that bottle back in 1975. And it was several years old then. He says he’s saving it for a “special” occasion.


      • bunkerville Says:

        Then it should be November 2012– mine is already on ice.


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