Green card hopefuls sue US over lottery lapse UPDATE


UPDATE: A class-action lawsuit was filed to block the new drawing, but a federal judge dismissed the case, clearing the way for it. The decision dashed the dreams of 22,000 would-be winners from around the world, who had hoped the lottery’s initial results would be reinstated.

The program they had applied for, the Diversity Visa Lottery, attracts millions of applicants worldwide and each year provides about 50,000 immigrants a legal route to permanent residency in the United States. The mix-up over this year’s drawing comes as some lawmakers question whether it should continue.

Read more: Second “green card lottery” held after first results voided – The Denver Post

So I wandered off the reservation– Hillary told me to– she said Al-Jazerra was “real news” not like American news so I did. See if I have this straight. 22,000 Middle Eastern folks want to come into our decadent and evil country? A bit of a glitch with the process and guess what? They found our non-Sharia Judicial system just fine!!  We have a”Diversity Lottery” Here is our earlier posting  back in January 2010 State Department using Diversity Visas to encourage Immigration from teror ridden Yemen to the U.S. It includes a link to the lucky terrorist countries who won.

So much to do with this– check out the video link below. It’s a real hoot… you will laugh yourself siily when she tells us that she has no choice but to sue our sorry …. “with a class action suit”.

English Al-jazeera:

State department sued after 22,000 names that went forward for processing following lottery are withdrawn.

A group calling themselves the “22,000 Hopefuls” are suing the US state department to try and stop a re-drawing of its 2012 Diversity Lottery.

The 22,000 people had received a promise saying their applications had been accepted and would be considered from 19 million entrants after entering a yearly “Green Card lottery” programme offered by the US government.

But US officials later retracted the results after they said a computer glitch for drawing the people was discovered.

Names of the entrants are pulled in a random selection and given a number that allows the individuals to go through to the final phase in the selection of a permanent visa to live and work in the U.

Now 36 people who have had their hopes dashed are demanding the US government honour the draw and the acceptance letter they received.

Here is a link to the Video Video Here

English Al-jazeera

15 Responses to “Green card hopefuls sue US over lottery lapse UPDATE”

  1. NYC terrorist strike came via ‘Diversity Visa Program’ thank Chuck Schumer | BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades! Says:

    […] Green card hopefuls sue US over lottery lapse UPDATE July 13, 2011 — bunkerville […]


  2. rjjrdq Says:

    It brings up another issue. These folks allegedly love their country/culture, but will sue to escape from it and come to the great satan. How twisted are their minds in trying to reconcile that?


    • bunkerville Says:

      Love your thought on it…Why don’t they stay home and fix things? Oh, they would rather come here and change ours.


  3. Matt Says:

    There are times that the government does things that are so asinine, that I can’t even come up with a good response. This is one of those times.


  4. Steve Dennis Says:

    And Barack Obama is a proponent of the World Court, is he not? So much for sovereignity if this is allowed to happen.


    • bunkerville Says:

      I hadnt though of that. I was thinking Holder would cut a deal with them like the EPA does when they are sued. You may be on to something.


  5. Always On Watch Says:

    Gah! Since when does one country sue another over immigration practices and policies?

    You can’t make this stuff up!


  6. Otis P. Driftwood Says:

    I was gonna post a comment to this, but I have absolutely no clue how to begin. They should just fill a stadium with illegals and pull names form a hat. it sounds like the screening process, or lack thereof, is about the same. I guess I did make a comment. Now my first sentence makes no sense. Please carry on.


  7. Silverfiddle Says:

    I wouldn’t doubt that activists inside the government did this on purpose just to screw the system and open the floodgates.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Maybe not enough from Egypt and Libya… so they have to run it again, or something nefarious no doubt from Zero.


  8. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    I suppose if I were one of these 22,000 I would be pissed off as well. The State Department didn’t give much of an explication of this so-called “error”. Someone has some serious egg on their face.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Bet a whole lot of Terrorist are on their way.. or were… or something no one wants us to know about. Giltch??


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