Libyan War and the Kinetic Action Congress


I must admit my old PTSD kicked into action seeing McCain back in gear. The old geezer was doing his best to give Obama cover over his escapade in Libya. “My dear friends” he says, “Friends”, no sir, you are not my friend. Fairly or not, I do blame you for this disgusting mess you helped put our country in. Obama did not come to Congress regarding his freaking Kinetic Action. Forget the debate over the the legalities. In today’s world, there is no reason at all not to come before Congress. It is not 1776 when Congress was partially in session, and members many difficult miles away. So, Mr. McCain, go back into your box. Thanks for everything, war hero or not. Ok, now I said it, and am glad I did.  They let Obama off the mat in November, now once again. If the GOP was not going to defund, then why give Obama any cover? Obama went to NATO. Then let NATO and Obama hang alone with the aftermath of his adventure. Here tis:

President Barack Obama could not ask for a more helpful “opposition” party in charge of the House of Representatives. For the second time this month House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has maneuvered to prevent Congress from demanding that Obama abide by the Constitution’s requirement that wars be initiated by the legislative branch, not the executive. Furthermore, in seeking a middle ground between the patently irreconcilable options of enforcing the Constitution and adhering to the bipartisan consensus in favor of untrammeled presidential intervention abroad, Boehner has ensured that Obama’s illegal war in Libya continues indefinitely.

Indeed, as Politico put it, the House of Representatives’ latest expression of opposition to Obama’s war is “a rebuke the White House can live with.” On Friday the House voted overwhelmingly — 295 to 123, with 70 Democrats among the 295 No voters — against a resolution supporting the Libya mission that is similar to a Senate resolution sponsored by Sens. John Kerry (D-Mass.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.). An hour later, however, it also turned down a measure that would have prohibited funding of certain operations in Libya. That bill failed, 238 to 180, a victim of Boehner’s attempts at compromise.

More bere about Boehner and the behind the scene that made this all happen: The New American

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