U.S. Spends $2.5 Bil On “Social Equity” Program

Here we go with an update on how things are going with redistribution of our wealth. Looks like we are right on track. My earlier post Sustainable Communities to restrict where we live last August in 2010 gave us a heads up with the program. Central Planning:

“The administration has already allocated billions of dollars since June 2009, when the interagency partnership was announced, to various grant programs designed to push local governments to make planning decisions that fall in line with Obama’s neighborhood planning goals”.

 Isn’t it the best? A great post on Obama’s Rural Council just implemented  at My Tea Party Chronicle. Thanks to Conservatives on Fire for sending me over.

 What I find most amazing, is that the Obama regime tells us exactly what their plans are. I am at a loss how the EPA is involved in all of this.The GOP fails to respond. Here tis:

Judicial Watch:

The Obama Administration is celebrating the second anniversary of its imaginative program to bring “social equity” to underserved communities by bragging that three federal agencies have doled out more than $2.5 billion in “assistance.”

The taxpayer dollars help low-income communities improve access to affordable housing, increase transportation options and lower transportation costs while protecting the environment. At least that’s how the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) describes it in a press release. Keep in mind that this is the same agency that has spent enormous sums to bring “environmental justice” to poor communities.

While related to that mission, this particular project—known as Partnership for Sustainable Communities—is separately funded (with taxpayer money of course) and aims to promote “equitable development” while addressing the “challenges of climate change.” To accomplish this, communities must create and maintain “economic and environmental health” by, among other things “promoting social equity.”

This is clearly another publicly funded, Obama Administration program that aims to redistribute wealth. There are too many to name here, but follow Judicial Watch’s investigations to see some of the outrageous projects that this administration is funding with tax dollars. Obama even created the first-ever White House Rural Council to promote economic prosperity and quality of life for the poor. More here at Judicial Watch

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