At least 5 Obama states in ’08 are in play now

This info from no less than MSNBC. The full post has an interesting analysis of the issues in these states. No doubt MSNBC wants to put fear in the hearts of Progressives, but either way, let us remain upbeat and optimistic. We can do this. We can beat back the Marxist takeover. Yes we can. Lets not get discouraged. That is what the left wants.

1. Indiana (11 electoral votes). That the president’s advisers are privately downplaying their chances of recapturing the traditional GOP stronghold—and talking up, instead, his chances in other longer-shot states like Arizona and Georgia

2. North Carolina (15 electoral votes). Obama traveled to Durham this week to make his case for reelection—the latest sign that the White House views the Tar Heel State as squarely in play for 2012.

3. Florida (29 electoral votes). The Sunshine State’s 10.7 percent unemployment rate is the nation’s fourth highest. Little has improved economically since the 2010.

4. Ohio (18 electoral votes). Talk to enough Democratic strategists who have worked in the Buckeye State and you’ll inevitably hear anxiety about the president’s standing here.

5. Nevada (6 electoral votes). Republican strategist Mike Murphy wrote in Time last week that the presidential election is shaping up to be a battle of the economy, which favors Republicans, versus shifting demography, which favors Democrats.

Full story here at  MSNBC

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