FCC Wants to Regulate Internet’s ‘On/Off Ramps,’ Commissioner Says

Just call me slow. So the FCC does not want to regulate content, just the on off ramps. Well if I am excluded from getting on the damn ramp you do not have to worry about the content. Equal access? So if 10 cars want to get on the so called “ramp” to get on the highway at the same tine, clearly, everyone does not make it. Correct me if I am wrong, but did not the courts rule the FCC has no control over the Internet? Call me cynical, first step– remember the Progressives mantra “Incremental” .. yes, control by “Incremental”. Just another Czar.

At the National Association of Broadcasters Service Awards on Monday, CNSNews.com asked Clyburn to what extent the federal government should regulate the Internet.

“When we talk about the Internet and the interaction, we are strictly talking about what we call the on/off ramps,” she said. “We are not talking about content. So we are insuring, what we are attempting to do at the FCC is ensure that every person has an equal engagement, that every single individual when they pay their money or when they sign on line, that they have an equal engagement. CNS News

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