Here Come Obama’s ‘Necessarily Skyrocketing’ Electricity Rates | The Foundry

Full Story here: Here Come Obama’s ‘Necessarily Skyrocketing’ Electricity Rates | The Foundry.

American households will be hit hard, as will American businesses. Producers everywhere will try to cover their higher production costs by raising product prices. As a result, consumer demand will fall, and income and employment will drop. There’s no other way to put it: These are unnecessary job-killing, economy-destroying regulations.

Although cap and trade is not law, the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) backdoor train wreck of energy regulations is forcing utilities to file for significant rate hikes in years to come because of the upgrades they will have to make or the complete shutdown of older plants.

Take Louisville Gas & Electric (LG&E), for instance. In what’s labeled as an “environmental cost recovery,” the utility says ratepayers will see their electric bills increase 19.2 percent by 2016. Why? LG&E spokesman Chip Keeling answered,

The EPA is forcing utilities to do this. We don’t have a choice. It’s not a question of are we going to meet them. The question is when and how and how much money. We have to meet these regulations because the EPA is mandating it for us to do it. They’re forcing us to do it.


12 Responses to “Here Come Obama’s ‘Necessarily Skyrocketing’ Electricity Rates | The Foundry”

  1. Always On Watch Says:

    Obama is trying to turn America into a Third World country.

    Of course, he envisions himself as one of the elite and will not deprive himself and his ilk of any amenity — or necessity, for that matter.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Recall what happened when she said “let them eat cake”!


  2. Bob Mack Says:

    Obama, Man of the People’s Republic. We’ll be living like medieval serfs before this clown is through.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Bob.. we are well on the way- and no one is talking about it. no one but us.


  3. Steve Dennis Says:

    Obama promised his policies would lead to skyrocketing energy prices and this is one promise it looks as if he is going to keep.


    • Otis P. Driftwood Says:

      This falls right in line with another promise he is keeping – the “fundamental transformation of America”.


  4. Karen Howes Says:

    Here come a reversion to the Middle Ages… the elderly will die in the summer heat waves because they won’t be able to afford to run air conditioning.


    • Conservatives on Fire Says:

      Hopefully this will be one more nail in Obama’s reelection coffin. We have been talking about this for some time now. I hope people are listening,


    • Matt Says:

      Over the years, I’ve read about that many times from Europe. I guess it saves on the Death Panels though.


      • bunkerville Says:

        We will be living like the 18th century folks did. Of course, someone else will govern us.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Obama will put through his agenda one way or anbother. To hell with Congress


    • bunkerville Says:

      I am realluy getting sick of hin


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