AG goes to the Supreme Court to Fast Track Obamacare ruling

Ever read a piece that just gets you riled up and brings back a bad memory? When I read that AG Cucinelli was heading to the Supreme Court to request an expedited hearing on Obamacare this week, the thought of the Ginsburg post I had done earlier brought my blood to a boil. She, who has Pancreatic Cancer, who has gotten the very best in Healthcare, would doom us to third world medicine. The nasty Progressive reveals herself and her belief in Eugenics in a recent interview discussed in the video below. Have at it.

“The court itself is a reactive institution,” Ginsburg said. “We don’t decide ‘we better get this or that case sooner rather than later.’” More at GW Hatchet

Check out an earlier post: Supreme Court Ginsberg says healthcare law will not be fast tracked

The healthcare reform law remains conspicuously absent from the Supreme Court’s judicial lineup, despite a request to expedite a ruling on the constitutionality of that crown jewel of the Obama presidency. Virginia Attorney General Ken Cucinelli, leading the 27-state charge against the Affordable Care Act, hopes to bypass the normal appeals process and fast-track the inevitable decision. The justices are scheduled to consider the request this week, but such exceptions are rare, and the White House has urged the Supreme Court to stay mum on the issue for the time being. Townhall

More at Bloomberg

2 Responses to “AG goes to the Supreme Court to Fast Track Obamacare ruling”

  1. fleeceme Says:

    In her defense, she was just espousing the beliefs of her judicial forebears, let me quote Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes in regards to the forced sterilization of a 17 year old girl:

    “instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind.”


    • bunkerville Says:

      So true. Glad you got his quote. I remembered one of early supremes said it, but could not recall the name. Always good to check out our roots.


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