12-year-old arrested in cafeteria because he spilled his milk

H/T:The Agitator The real problem? Spilled milk is considered an EPA environmental Hazard. Soon the EPA will come knocking on the child’s door. Forget the oil spewing out of the bottom of the Gulf, we should be worried about the type of oil that spews out of the bottom of cows, or kids spilling milk on the floor. Spilled milk, says the EPA and environmentalists, is an environmental hazard  Earlier post: EPA Crying over Spilled milk-environmental hazard

But I digresssed.

APRIL 15–A 12-year-old boy was handcuffed and arrested by police when he scuffled with an officer after refusing to clean up spilled milk in the cafeteria of his Indiana middle school.

The student is facing a pair of misdemeanor resisting law enforcement counts, according to a Valparaiso Police Department report detailing the incident Tuesday morning at Ben Franklin Middle School.

The sixth grader, whose name was redacted from the report by police, got into a dispute with a school staffer when he refused to retrieve some napkins and clean up the spill during his lunch period. The boy, police reported, became “belligerent” and told the employee, “This is stupid, you’re retarded.”

After a school resource officer approached the student and asked him to clean up the milk, the boy said, “This is crap, I’m not doing it.” He then got up, emptied his tray into the trash, and began to leave the cafeteria. The officer instructed the boy to return to his seat and wait further instructions from the school administrator.

When the student became “increasingly agitated,” the officer grabbed the student by the arm and “began to perform an educational escort.” The boy then broke free, and ran around the cafeteria and a hallway before being tackled by the officer, who handcuffed the five-foot, 100-pound student.

The child was taken to the principal’s office, where he was later released into his father’s custody. The Smoking Gun

Radical Islamic Groups gaining in Egypt

So Hillary, how is this Egypt Democray working out these days? I hear not so good. But you were warned. Libya will be next. Egypt wants Sharia Law. And that is the story.  Earlier Majority of Egyptians want Sharia Law .

Kamal al-Halbavi, a senior member of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, told reporters in February he hoped that Egypt would have a “a good government, like the Iranian government, and a good president like Mr. Ahmadinejad, who is very brave.”

Cameron warned, “Egyptian democracy would be strongly Islamic”??? Lots of luck with that one.

It’s just thrilling to see where this happened” Hillary Clinton, Tahir Square, Egypt.


Reported by the Telegraph:

The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s largest Islamic movement and the founder of Hamas, has set up a network of political parties around the country that eclipse the following of the middle class activists that overthrew the regime. On the extreme fringe of the Brotherhood, Islamic groups linked to al-Qeada are organising from the mosques to fill the vacuum left by the collapse of the dictatorship.

The military-led government already faces accusations that it is bowing to the surge in support for the Muslim movements, something that David Cameron warned of in February when he said Egyptian democracy would be strongly Islamic.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, warned on Sunday that the direction of Egyptian politics was anti-Israeli. He told diplomats last week that Egyptian officials – including Nabil al-Arabi, the foreign minister – were pandering to political militants by branding Israel as the “enemy”.

“I am very concerned over some of the voices we’ve been hearing from Egypt recently,” Mr Netanyahu said. “I’m especially concerned over the current Egyptian foreign minster’s statements.”

Waiting for Obama to Declare, “Mission Accomplished” Commie Blaster

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