UN document would give ‘Mother Earth’ same rights as humans

Don’t laugh. Remember that the United Nations already has an Office for Outer Space Affairs, complete with a paid physicist in the post of Ambassador to Aliens. I mean, once you’re talking to aliens, “rights” for Mother Earth is hardly a stretch.
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To show more about this new found Religion. Be sure to see the video below!

It’s Official: Environmentalism Is the New Religion! We may want to give this subject more attention. A nice review of where we are with this link above.

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Bolivia will this month table a draft United Nations treaty giving “Mother Earth” the same rights as humans — having just passed a domestic law that does the same for bugs, trees and all other natural things in the South American country.

The bid aims to have the UN recognize the Earth as a living entity that humans have sought to “dominate and exploit” — to the point that the “well-being and existence of many beings” is now threatened.

The wording may yet evolve, but the general structure is meant to mirror Bolivia’s Law of the Rights of Mother Earth, which Bolivian President Evo Morales enacted in January.More here  Canada Press

Morgan Stanley wives receive $220 Million in bailout money

Here is a great story over at Rolling Stone. The secrets are being revealed. The full thing is a super great read. Why is the Federal Reserve forking over $220 million in bailout money to the wives of two Morgan Stanley bigwigs?

Now, following an act of Congress that has forced the Fed to open its books from the bailout era, this unofficial budget is for the first time becoming at least partially a matter of public record. Staffers in the Senate and the House, whose queries about Fed spending have been rebuffed for nearly a century, are now poring over 21,000 transactions and discovering a host of outrages and lunacies in the “other” budget.

Why Isn’t Wall Street in Jail? Rolling Stone

Most Americans know about that budget. What they don’t know is that there is another budget of roughly equal heft, traditionally maintained in complete secrecy. After the financial crash of 2008, it grew to monstrous dimensions, as the government attempted to unfreeze the credit markets by handing out trillions to banks and hedge funds. And thanks to a whole galaxy of obscure, acronym-laden bailout programs, it eventually rivaled the “official” budget in size — a huge roaring river of cash flowing out of the Federal Reserve to destinations neither chosen by the president nor reviewed by Congress, but instead handed out by fiat by unelected Fed  officials using a seemingly nonsensical and apparently unknowable methodology.

Read the full thing at the Rolling Stone

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