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Hitler, Jews and FDR: Be Wary of War time Presidents

FDR is heralded by the Progressives as one of their Icons. In times of War, we are tempted to give away our freedoms by being manipulated into believing that by suspending these freedoms we will gain security. Keep in mind our past history. Both on the right and left side of the politcal spectrum. Things are not always as they appear.

The Progressives have a nastiness  toward others that they will not acknowledge. Especially at times of war, this nastiness tends to be revealed. Watch out for it. Obama is a war President. We have much to fear if we do not remain alert. War time Presidents can be dangerous.

I caught this story at The Astute Blogger. It reminded me of  comments made last fall by Pat Buchann. Here are parts from both posts:

H/T Astute Blogger:


From the Jewish Journal

But there turned out to be a discrepancy between FDR’s public rhetoric and his private feelings.

On January 17, 1943, Roosevelt met in Casablanca with Major-General Charles Nogues, a leader of the new “non-Vichy” regime. When the conversation turned to the question of rights for North African Jewry, Roosevelt did not mince words: “The number of Jews engaged in the practice of the professions (law, medicine, etc) should be definitely limited to the percentage that the Jewish population in North Africa bears to the whole of the North African population… The President stated that his plan would further eliminate the specific and understandable complaints which the Germans bore toward the Jews in Germany, namely, that while they represented a small part of the population, over fifty percent of the lawyers, doctors, school teachers, college professors, etc., in Germany, were Jews.” (It is not clear how FDR came up with that wildly exaggerated statistic.) Full story  Jewish Journal

Pat Buchanan:

Constantly, we hear praise of Lincoln, Wilson and FDR as war leaders.

Yet President Lincoln arrested thousands of citizens and locked them up as security risks, while denying them habeas corpus. He shut newspapers and sent troops to block Maryland’s elections, fearing Confederate sympathizers would win and take Maryland out of the Union.

President Wilson shut down antiwar newspapers, prosecuted editors, and put Socialist presidential candidate and war opponent Eugene Debs in prison, leaving him to rot until Warren Harding released him and invited the dangerous man over to the White House for dinner.

California Gov. Earl Warren and FDR collaborated to put 110,000 Japanese, 75,000 of them U.S. citizens, into detention camps for the duration of the war and ordered the Department of Justice to prosecute antiwar conservatives

During Korea, Harry Truman seized the steel mills when a threatened strike potentially imperiled production of war munitions. Richard Nixon went to court to block publication of the Pentagon papers until the Supreme Court decided publication could go forward. TownHall

It is important to keep in mind our liberties are just a stroke away from being taken away from us. It has in the past, and can be again.

Obama, Jarrett, Acorn, Van Jones and their ShoreBank involvement back in the news

This is a story that no doubt could be of little interest to most. I  picked up this story over at News Alert. It brought back a memory of a post of May 10 2010. At the time, I was hot on the trail of Obama’s Kenyan connections and his Muslim cousin Odinga running for President. I am digressing, hey, I am trying to justify this story and have you hang! So here is a taste.

In 2006, before his Presidential race, then-Sen. Barack Obama visited his father’s homeland of Kenya, and around the same times ShoreBank donated $1 million to that country to assist in micro-loan programs there. At the time, Obama officials said it was a coincidence that ShoreBank made the contribution to Kenya. Why I am just laughing myself silly!

Now from Crain:

Prepaid tuition program failed in ShoreBank review, auditor general reports.

The state agency running the College Illinois prepaid tuition program, which lost all of a $12.7-million investment in Chicago community bank ShoreBank, failed to follow the state’s competitive procurement requirements in hiring a firm to vet the investment beforehand, the Illinois Auditor General concluded in a report Thursday

The auditor general also criticized the agency for considering only ShoreBank after changing its investment parameters to consider direct investments in private companies.

The report also chided the commission for hiring a firm with no expertise in advising on equity investments and for not having a contract in place before the work started. Full story here at  Chicago Business

Bunkerville earlier post: Jarrett,Van Jones, Obama, Acorn and a Chicago Bank

…discussions to bail out the bank, which has close ties to both senior members of the Obama Administration, as well as the Clinton family, went deep into the weekend as Chicago politicians scrambled to save the bank.

Focus on the White House’s role is due in large part to the ties senior staffers there have to the investors and management of the bank, which started out as a community bank, and lately has been deeply involved in “micro-financing” and “green” loans. 

Senior White House aide Valerie Jarrett appears to be the central figure in the Financial Services’ interest, according to Republican staffers with ties to the committee.

…but because of the Clintons, the Obamas, the Moseley Brauns of the world, and ShoreBank’s sentimental value because it supported their community organizing efforts, it should be saved. None of them were saying that about the bank in Wisconsin that kept family-owned farms afloat. Wonder how those banks’ investors feel about the Obama Administration’s lack of interest in them.”  From:American Spectator

 A Tri-fecta of intrigue just coming our way! No word yet from convicted felon Robert Creamer on this one, or his wife Jan Schakowsky.

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