George Soros and his long fingers in the Ivory Coast

Just reported: In the Ivory Coast it was reported that forces loyal to the Muslim led forces of Alassane Ouattara have just massacred between 800 and 1,000 Christians. H/T Infidel Bloggers Alliance, More at  Bare Naked Islam I give you Warning: Terrible pictures and story at BNI.

We are hearing very little about the Ivory Coast and the French involvement.

Nobody much is posting about Soros and his Bretton Woods Conference under way, so let me keep at it. While looking for something new, what a surprise. Ivory Coast is right up his ally. So much for his bringing peace. Here tis”

R2P in Ivory Coast is actually being used to support the Muslim pretender against the Christian poor loser. When the dust settles, this will be seen as a success story for the UN and a relatively benign flexing of French imperial muscle, far less suspect than French fighter jets bombing civilians in Libya in defiance of the world community.

Confirming Ouattara – a former IMF official – as president of Ivory Coast will be good news indeed, moving both of Soros’s agendas forward.

This good guy/ bad guy scenario, with modest, universally approved international intervention under UN auspices, is a perfect example of “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P), the policy for governing the world promoted by George Soros.

As Soros contemplates the imminent success in Ivory Coast of his policy to solve the world’s political problems, he is busy solving the world’s financial and economic problems as host of a secretive meeting of the world elite in peaceful Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, where the UN’s financial institutions were set up in 1944. On 8 April, 200 academic, business and government leaders, including the likes of Paul Volcker and Gordon Brown, are gathering under the auspices of Soros’s Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) to agree on the international financial institutions for the postwar world.

Reads INET’s conference promo: “Spurred by the financial crisis and recent developments in the economics field, a far more realistic view of the economy is emerging that takes into account imperfections in individuals, institutions, and information, as well as the existence of complex global networks of interaction, and the dynamism of innovation.” This could easily be used as a template for Soros’s beloved R2P: Spurred by the need to protect civilians, a far more realistic view of the rationale to invade other countries is emerging that takes into account imperfections in individuals, etc, etc.

This is good news for Soros and his protégé United States President Barack Obama, who is present at least in spirit if not in the flesh at Soros’s conference in Bretton Woods. Obama’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she would institutionalize R2P in the State Department. Such NGOs as the Soros-funded International Crisis Group (1995), the Centre for International Governance Innovation (2003), the Clinton Global Initiative (2005), the Soros-funded Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect (2008), and Soros’s very own INET (2009) are trying to create a new world economic order based on his financial wizardry and R2P to face of the many crises in the world.

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What moral responsibility do we have toward our children?

The Lonely Conservative has an interesting take on the morality of stealing our kids future. with a lot of good links A steady drumbeat in many Christian Churches today, is the development of the concept of Social Justice. Frequently Collective Salvation, which has no less than Communism at its root, is the next step in this philosophy. With this comes a reminder of Obama’s concept of Collective Salvation. It is often being touted under the banner of Religion.  We have a rare glimpse into Obama’s moral compass with the video below.

 Bunkerville refers to a “private document”  by then Cardianl Ratzinger who later becomes Pope Benedict  on “Liberation Theology.” from whence the concept of Collective Salvation has its eitiology, and his concern with  the dangers of Marxism.

Lonely Conservative :

When Did Robbing Our Children Become the Moral Thing to Do?

The Wall Street Journal has an important piece up today. Many progressive Christians would like us to believe that allowing the government to pick our pockets to help those in need is the moral thing to do. They forget that so many of us are generous, and gladly open our wallets when we  see those in need. But really, it all boils down to this question: Is it moral to steal from our children? Rest here: Lonely Conservative

From one of our earlier posts: The Pope says Collective Salvation is Demonic- Obama believes in it

And there is Van Jones:

Democrats dominate top all time donors 1989-2010 by big margins

Open Secrets has the top donors. The Democrats dominate by a wide margin in the top ten. Even Goldman Sachs is firmly in the Democratic party camp for years. Looks like the Unions are flush with cash. Too bad they don’t spend it on their members.
H/T: News Alert Here are a few.
LEGEND:  Republican   Democrat   On the fence

= Between 40% and 59% to both parties
= Leans Dem/Repub (60%-69%)
= Strongly Dem/Repub (70%-89%)
= Solidly Dem/Repub (over 90%)
Rank Organization Total ’89-’10 Dem % Repub % Tilt
1 ActBlue $51,124,846 99% 0%   
2 AT&T Inc $46,292,670 44% 55%
3 American Fedn of State, County & Municipal Employees $43,477,361 98% 1%   
4 National Assn of Realtors $38,721,441 49% 50%
5 Goldman Sachs $33,387,252 61% 37%
6 American Assn for Justice $33,143,279 90% 8%   
7 Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers $33,056,216 97% 2%   
8 National Education Assn $32,024,610 93% 6%   
9 Laborers Union $30,292,050 92% 7%   
10 Teamsters Union $29,319,982 93% 6%   
11 Carpenters & Joiners Union $29,265,808 89% 10%  
12 Service Employees International Union $29,140,232 95% 3%   
13 American Federation of Teachers $28,733,991 98% 0%   
14 Communications Workers of America $28,376,306 98% 0%   
15 Citigroup Inc $28,065,874 50% 49%
16 American Medical Assn $27,597,820 40% 59%
17 United Auto Workers $27,134,252 98% 0%   
18 National Auto Dealers Assn $26,311,758 32% 67%
19 Machinists & Aerospace Workers Union $26,229,477 98% 0%   
20 United Parcel Service $25,290,039 36% 62%
21 United Food & Commercial Workers Union $25,226,733 98% 1%   

 Go to  Open Secrets for the full list.

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