Panetta – just another political hack – Now to head Defense

This should be another great step by our fearless, missing leader. Panetta did not have a stellar career at the CIA, now of course, gets rewarded. But that is what happens to politicians.  Just think about all of those military contracts worth Billions to hand out. Winners and losers will no doubt be decided by the Executive Order of Obama which now requires knowing how much the companies bidding on projects gave to his war chest.

I am sure he will get all the news info he needs from Al-Jazeera, the WH fav news source. Here was an example:

The director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Leon E. Panetta, testified before the House of Representatives on Thursday morning that there was a “strong likelihood” that Mr. Mubarak would step down by the end of the day.

American officials said Mr. Panetta was basing his statement not on secret intelligence but on media broadcasts, which began circulating before he sat down before the House Intelligence Committee. Mediaite<

To examine the career of Leon Panetta is to look back on the career of the consummate careerist and political survivor. gives us a rundown of Panetta’s political CV.

After his discharge from the Army in 1966, the 28-year-old Panetta became an aide to moderate Republican Thomas H. Kuchel, U.S. senator from California.

On May 26, 1970, he joined New York City mayor John V. Lindsay as an executive assistant for intergovernmental relations.

In 1976 he won the Democratic nomination for the 16th (now the 17th) Congressional District and defeated Republican incumbent Burt I. Talcott, receiving 53 percent of the vote. He served for 16 years.

As head of OMB Panetta helped the Clinton administration pass the hard-fought budget bill of 1993 (it passed the House by one vote) and the easily passed budget bill of 1994. In July of 1994 Panetta was appointed chief of staff to President Clinton and served until 1997.

In January 2009, President Barack Obama nominated Panetta for the post of CIA Director; he was confirmed by the full Senate on February 12, 2009 and assumed the office the next day.

Leon Panetta’s performance in office was not exactly the stuff of legend. When testifying before Congress about what was happening in Egypt, as acting Director of The CIA, he sourced his information to the news media. Mediaite describes the fustercluck.. More at Red State

Union and College Prof teach course in violent Union tactics

More indoctrination of our youth and advocating violonce. When will we put a stop to this nonsense? Enough is enough. They should be arrested. Oh, they no doubt have tenure. It will take years to get rid of them, if even then.

Professors are Judy Ancel, Director of Labor Studies at UMKC and  Don Giljum, business manager for the International Union of Operating Engineers at Ameren UE in St. Louis. (Bonus: he is a member of the Communist Party.)

In the class, the Professors not only advocate the occasional need for violence and industrial sabotage, they outline specific tactics that can be used. As one of our colleagues pointed out, its the matter-of-factness of it all that is so disturbing.

And yes, the schools, and the professors’ salaries, are funded by taxpayers. More at Big Government

36% of Egyptians support peace treaty with Israel

News from the Middle Eastern Front. The new Long War of Hillary.So much for things going swell over in Egypt. It will become another footnote in our dubious history. Here tis:

From Quite Normal: The Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project is out with a new poll on what Egyptians are thinking about the dramatic political changes they are experiencing.

Egyptians are optimistic about their future, but it is a future that doesn’t include peace with Israel and wants cowed America.

In other words, Egypt is looking forward to becoming an international pain in the ass.

Oh, and the The Muslim Brotherhood has a 75% positive rating.

How will this translate into American relations with the new “democracy”?

Billions more in aid.   More here at Quite Normal  Then we have  Majority of Muslims Want Islam in Politics, Poll says

Beirut — A majority of Muslims around the world welcome a significant role for Islam in their countries’ political life, according to a new poll from the Pew Research Center, but have mixed feelings toward militant religious groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

According to the survey, majorities in Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan and Nigeria would favor changing current laws to allow stoning as a punishment for adultery, hand amputation for theft and death for those who convert from Islam to another religion. About 85% of Pakistani Muslims said they would support a law segregating men and women in the workplace.

The poll was conducted April 12 to May 7 in seven countries with large Muslim populations. About 8,000 people were interviewed face to face, and the survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points for Pakistan and 4 percentage points for the other countries. From Atlas Shrugs  Pew Research Poll:Here 

To indicate how much the Egyptian women have been westernized, check out our earlier post: Egyptian Women and the practice of female genital mutilation

A 2005 report by UNICEF suggested that 97% of Egyptian women between the ages of 15 and 49 who have never been married have undergone some form of FGM or circumcision

He Shall Feed His Flock Like A Shepherd -Happy Easter!

 Happy Easter to one and all!

Good Friday – “Behold the Lamb of God”

Docs accused of writing WI protest excuses under investigation

Well, a bit of interesting news. Now even the Docs think they are above the law. No doubt they will get off the hook on this, but let them sweat it out and spend a few bucks on lawyers. Only fair don’t you think?

The state Department of Regulation and Licensing and the Medical Examining Board said Wednesday that they had opened investigations into eight individuals who allegedly wrote doctor excuse notes for protesters at the state Capitol during rallies in February.

Last month, the Department of Regulation and Licensing said it had identified 11 people who may have provided the medical excuses, and it asked them to submit information about their activities at the Capitol.

The 11 were identified by complaints to the department. Nine of those named are licensed physicians and two are unlicensed, the department said.

At the conclusion of each investigation, recommendations will be made about whether disciplinary action should be pursued.

The state Department of Regulation and Licensing previously has said disciplinary action could include a reprimand, license limitations, suspension or revocation.

Rest of the story JSOnline

Police Can Download Your Personal Data Against Your Will

Of course this comes as a surprise now doesn’t it? Anyone think that this is not in use by the Feds under the rubric of Anti-Terrorism Legislation and  protecting us from Terrorism? Here tis:

Michigan State Police have technology that can download cell phone data wirelessly during a routine traffic stop. So if you’re pulled over for rolling through a stop sign, the cops can now take everything on your cell phone against your will and without even telling you about it. This was uncovered and is now the subject of an ACLU request which, of course, the state police refuse to grant.  Via Duane Lester:

A US Department of Justice test of the CelleBrite UFED used by Michigan police found the device could grab all of the photos and video off of an iPhone within one-and-a-half minutes. The device works with 3000 different phone models and can even defeat password protections.

A project of the Michigan State University College of Law, has a long description of the worrisome ramifications of this new policy.

No, Michigan State Police Officer, you absolutely, without a doubt, positively, MAY NOT suck all the data out of my cell phone with your handy “extraction device.” … The Fourth Amendment protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures by the government. Since we’ve got government actors in the form of state police officers, the Fourth Amendment applies. The first question is whether cell phone owners have a reasonable expectation of privacy in what is stored on their phone when they are pulled over. The reasonable expectation has long been defined by the Supreme Court in Katz. Justice Harlan explained that there is a reasonable expectation of privacy if 1) the subject of a search expected privacy, and 2) society generally agrees that such an expectation of privacy exists.

More at Townhall

Paul Ryans admiration for Ayn Rand make him pro-terrorist? UPDATE: David Cay Johnston Comments

A group of fellow Bunkervites went and caught the film “Atlas Shrugged” last night. When I caught this post, I had the distinct feeling that the good folks on at MSNBC had not read the book, or are aware of the impact she has had on so many lives.  A Library of Congress reader’s poll ranked Atlas Shrugged as the second most influential book of all time next to the Bible. Other prominent reader polls of Best Novels ever written have listed Atlas Shrugged as #1. It’s a 1000+ page classic epic packed with action, philosophy, adventure, politics, romance, mystery, and a whole lot of attitude. I would not rank it as the best film of all time. However it was a chilling reminder of her canny insight into the future. So much of it is coming true. If you are interested in finding out about John Galt, it is worth your time to see the flick, and at the same time support  brave and daring individuals willing to make it.

Does Paul Ryan’s admiration for Ayn Rand make him pro-terrorist? Possibly, warns MSNBC guest Jeff Poor covers the media for The Daily Caller.


“You know, Congressman Ryan requires his staff to read Ayn Rand, whose fictional hero, Howard Roark, is a man who blew up a building because it wasn’t built exactly to his specifications as the architect,” Johnston said. “I mean, that’s the kind of society we want where our leaders say, not only are we taking from the sick and poor but we’re going to hold out as a model people who commit felonies like blowing up buildings. We really need to dig into understanding the kind of people who would put forth these ideas.”

If a fictional character in a piece of literature from an author you admire commits some acts that would likely result in a felony conviction, does that mean you’re a proponent of felonious acts? That’s the deductive logic David Cay Johnston, the 2001 winner of the Pulitzer Prize for beat reporting, displayed on MSNBC’s “The ED Show” Monday night.
Read more: Daily Caller

For more of Mr. Johnston and his repsonses to the right wing radical bloggers, check out Protein Wisdom number 25 in the comments section.

Clintons & their Waco Slaughter – 80 plus April 19

Let us not forget what the Government can do to us. The lies they tell us.

“]pictured: children murdered by the U.S. government during the Waco Massacre]

pictured: children murdered by the U.S. government during the Waco Massacre

Bill Clinton has the audacity to impune the intentions of the Tea Party? It was he who commenced this unholy action by the Government against its citizenry. Surly there was a better way than to slaughter men, women and children- more than 80. And he managed to get by without any MSM condemnation, blaming it all on his Attorney General who got by without a nick and later ran for Governor of Florida. Waco and Ruby Ridge are what were the sentinel moments in our nation’s conscience. A Government could turn on its people. This spawned McVeigh.Thanks to Truthseeker for the following story, and the story of the shadowy figure called Hillary Clinton.

According to Linda Tripp it was Hillary and not Bill Clinton who directed the final assault on Waco.

During an interview in early February 2001 the former White House aide alleged that Hillary Clinton pressured the late Vincent Foster to resolve the Waco standoff. As a result more than eighty men, women and children were killed. Appearing on CNN’s “Larry King Live” Tripp suggested that Foster, at Mrs Clinton’s direction, transmitted the order to move on the Branch Davidian’s Waco compound, which culminated in a military style attack on the wooden building.

Her accusations lend weight to charges made previously by Special Forces expert and Waco investigator, Steve Barry. According to the former Special Forces member, Hillary set up a special “crises centre” in the White House to deal with Waco. Serving with her in the centre was Vincent Foster who, according to his widow was subsequently: “fuelled by horror at the carnage at Waco for which the White House had ultimately been responsible.”

Foster himself was found dead, from a gun-shot wound to the head, in a Virginia park three months later. Could he have known too much about Waco?

Journalist Ambrose Evans-Pritchard maintains that Foster had been “drafting a letter involving Waco” on the very day of his death. Moreover Evans-Pritchard says that Foster kept a Waco file in a locked cabinet that was off limits to everyone, including his secretary.

Prior to Waco, Foster was “dignified, decent, caring, smart” says Linda Tripp; in its aftermath though, she said: “…Vince was falling apart.”

She was with the former White House deputy counsel when the news about Waco broke on television. “A special bulletin came on showing the atrocity at Waco and the children. And his face, his whole body slumped, and his face turned white, and he was absolutely crushed – knowing the part he had played.”

“And he had played the part at Mrs Clinton direction,” said Tripp.

Moreover there was a marked contrast between Foster’s heartfelt emotion at the Waco tragedy and Hillary Clinton’s, Tripp insists: “Her reaction was heartless”.

Her accusations give further weight to allegations first levelled in the 1999 documentary on the deadly confrontation, “Waco: A New Revelation.” The film featured the account of former House Waco investigator T. March Bell. “One of the interesting things that happens in an investigation is that you get anonymous phone calls,” Bell explained in the film. “And we in fact received anonymous phone calls from Justice Department managers and attorneys who believe that pressure was placed on Janet Reno by Webb Hubbel, pressure that came from the first lady of the United States.”

Mrs Clinton grew more and more impatient as the Waco stand-off came to dominate the headlines during the early months of the Clinton administration, said Bell. It was she, according to Bell’s sources, who pressured a reluctant Janet Reno to act.

“Give me a reason not to do this,” Reno is said to have begged aides shortly before orders were issued for the final assault.

A Great History can be found at:

AG goes to the Supreme Court to Fast Track Obamacare ruling

Ever read a piece that just gets you riled up and brings back a bad memory? When I read that AG Cucinelli was heading to the Supreme Court to request an expedited hearing on Obamacare this week, the thought of the Ginsburg post I had done earlier brought my blood to a boil. She, who has Pancreatic Cancer, who has gotten the very best in Healthcare, would doom us to third world medicine. The nasty Progressive reveals herself and her belief in Eugenics in a recent interview discussed in the video below. Have at it.

“The court itself is a reactive institution,” Ginsburg said. “We don’t decide ‘we better get this or that case sooner rather than later.’” More at GW Hatchet

Check out an earlier post: Supreme Court Ginsberg says healthcare law will not be fast tracked

The healthcare reform law remains conspicuously absent from the Supreme Court’s judicial lineup, despite a request to expedite a ruling on the constitutionality of that crown jewel of the Obama presidency. Virginia Attorney General Ken Cucinelli, leading the 27-state charge against the Affordable Care Act, hopes to bypass the normal appeals process and fast-track the inevitable decision. The justices are scheduled to consider the request this week, but such exceptions are rare, and the White House has urged the Supreme Court to stay mum on the issue for the time being. Townhall

More at Bloomberg

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