New $1.38 Billion NATO Headquarters begins construction

Simply amazing as I look back on my post on October. Both Clinton and Gates knew that the NATO members were slashing budgets, yet as well knew that a $1.38 Billion headquarters was about to begin construction. Read the whole thing over at the Spectator if you have the stomach for all of this weird stuff.

“It is somewhat ironic that NATO breaks ground on its new headquarters at the same time the fundamental sinews binding the alliance together are coming apart,” says Marko Papic, a senior analyst at Stratfor, a global intelligence analysis firm based in Austin.

New $1.3 Billion headquarters just beginning construction

New $1.3 Billion headquarters just beginning construction

With policymakers on both sides of the Atlantic slashing public spending and searching for ways to reduce military budgets, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has just begun construction of a splendiferous new $1.38 billion headquarters on a 100-acre site in Brussels. Designed by Chicago architects Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, renowned for luxurious commercial buildings including the tallest in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the futuristic new NATO offices will feature eight sweeping wings covering 2.7 million square feet. Glass-walled elevators overlooking cavernous atriums showering natural light. Ecologically correct grass growing on the roof. Seventeen conference rooms. A range of amenities from cafeterias, restaurants, and banks, to shopping, sport, and leisure facilities. Pentagon staffers, eat your hearts out.

Other major NATO members are also cutting defense spending, Britain by 8 percent, Germany by some $11.5 billion. The spectacular project at least has the virtue of symbolizing what has gone wrong with this self-aggrandizing, self-perpetuating body whose main mission often seems to be not collective defense of its members, but its own self-preservation.  American Spectator

Back in October, we posted this U.S. is concerned by UK and Europe Defense Cuts

With the defence negotiations in near deadlock over about £1bn of cuts, the heads of all three armed services met the prime minister in Downing Street on Thursday to raise the alarm over the dangers of such a tight settlement.

Their warnings were amplified by Hillary Clinton, US secretary of state, and Robert Gates, US defence secretary, who made public their worries over cuts across Nato.

Members of the organisation are asked to spend 2 per cent of national income on defence.

Mr Gates expressed his fear that the US would be called upon more often to cover Nato capability gaps. “As nations deal with their economic problems, we must guard against the hollowing out of alliance military capability by spending reductions that cut too far into muscle,” he said.How psychic was that! More at CNBC

Carter calls for the release of Cuban Five Murderers

Hang it up Jimmy. Time to go back to your Peanut Farm.

From the Book: Betrayal: Clinton, Castro & The Cuban Five

On February 24, 1996, three Brothers to the Rescue aircraft took off from South Florida on a search and rescue mission meant to save the lives of Cuban balseros – yet their mission would end in death, with two planes shot down by Cuban MiG fighters.

Four aviators were lost – Carlos Costa, Mario de la Peña, Armando Alejandre and Pablo Morales. Their murders were perpetuated by La Red Avispa, the “Cuban Five” spy ring and a DIA analyst turned Cuban agent, Ana Belen Montes, Castro’s Queen of Spies.

Cuba declares them heroes, yet the “Cuban Five” are serving jail sentences for espionage and murder. Now, in an opening gesture toward improving relations with Havana, the Obama Administration contemplates their release – but will the USA have to go so far as to pardon murderers?

H/T Commie Blaster

Carter Slams US Policy towards Cuba
HAVANA, Cuba Mar 30 (acn) Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter criticized today in Havana the U.S. Government’s policy toward Cuba and said he was satisfied with his meeting with Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro

“It is untrue that Cuba collaborates with terrorism,” he said, calling it unreal

At a press conference at the Havana’s Convention Center, Carter slammed the 1996 Helms-Burton Act, which reinforced the US economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba, and the unjust imprisonment of the five Cuban antiterrorists in the US since 1998.
The “embargo,” he said referring to the blockade, “is counterproductive and only punishes the Cuban people.”
Carter reminded the audience that the Helms-Burton Act was passed after his term in office (1977-1981). He also said it was a mistake to keep Cuba on the list of countries sponsoring terrorism.
The former US president described as unfair the sentences imposed upon Gerardo Hernández, Fernando González, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero and René González —internationally known as the Cuban Five—, and said he was satisfied to have met with the mothers of two of them and the wives of three.

He wished for the Cuban Five’s prompt return “to their homes in Cuba.” Carter said he was pleased by the good health of Fidel and the opportunity Cuban President Raul Castro gave him to visit Cuba again

 “It is untrue that Cuba collaborates with terrorism,” he said, calling it unreal.

Retired Teachers in CA make more than a lot of working Teachers

I wonder if the United States has entered a “Dark Ages” period in her History. Wisconsin is in a battle for her life. Now Businesses are being strong armed, threatened in supporting the local goon squad that comes in the form of the Unions. They are being “asked” to post signs that they support the Unions. There are recalls of elected Representatives on the table. A State Supreme Court election next week that will determine the majority either Republican or Democrat. The poll numbers in support of those who fought to stave off the Unions from bankrupting the State are sinking. The Governor’s poll numbers are not good. Who is going to pay for all of this? Here is California? Retirement is better than working teachers in 28 States.

Intercepts reports:

I came across the most recent summary report for the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) and I thought its pared-down tables and graphs nicely encapsulated the pension situation in the state.

First note that the average annual salary in 2010 for active working educators enrolled in the system was $64,156. The next table states that the average retirement benefit paid out in 2010 was $4,256 per month. That’s $51,072 annually. In other words, the average retired teacher in California made more than the average working teacher in 28 states, according to the salary rankings published by NEA.  H/T:  News Alert

Here are a couple of previous posts we did on the NEA NEA orders members to read Communist guide book or how about this for the kids: NEA Lets celebrate Communism

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