Russian Communists looking to overturn privatization

This will be interesting to see how this plays out. Will Russia go back to the KGB and Gulags? Putin, the master puppeteer, no doubt, would love to return to the old ways. I had read earlier that Russia was returning to spending enormous sums on rearmament. Why not, no need to worry about the United States. Russia has upcoming elections in December.

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) proposes that the state returns businesses that were “unfairly” privatized. But they support compensation of expenses to current owners after “the assessment of assets at the moment of privatization.”

Russia’s Communist Party faction has submitted a bill on nationalization to the lower house of parliament.

The legislation concerns the nationalization of companies that were privatized during the 1990s. Communists have always condemned the process of giving the state assets to individuals, many of whom turned into so-called oligarchs.

Observers say the Communists are trying to use their populist “trump card” now as they have started preparations for parliamentary elections scheduled for December. At the same time, the government is now launching another large-scale privatization campaign.

Unfair privatization and calls for returning “loot” are common CPRF’s slogans, Markov told RBC daily. “The emergence of such a bill is clearly connected with the forthcoming elections to the State Duma.”

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4 Responses to “Russian Communists looking to overturn privatization”

  1. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    Obama and Putin use the same play book. The race now is to see which country can be the most socialist. Like Chavez, the people elected him. Sad!!


    • bunkerville Says:

      We keep saying/thinking that the world wants freedom and liberty that comes with Capitalism. The Russians have had a bit of a taste of it. Now we shall see how easily they will be willing to return to the old ways of being taken care of, or so they perceive it to be.


  2. fleeceme Says:

    Hmm, maybe we can loan them the Obama admin for a couple years?


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