Van Jones supports Cop Killer, but don’t say anything

Valerie Jarrett, the other side of Obama’s brain it has been called. The one who brought Van Jones and many of the radical Marxists into our government. Please take a moment for a refresher on her comments on Van Jones. Breitbart lost his gig over at the Huff Post because of his comments on Van Jones and this cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal . I lived in Philadelphia at the time it happened. No doubt on this one. Killed in cold blood. The video he produced and appears in, offers a real chance to hear the hatred he has for the United States. And Valerie is well aware of it.

You see thanks to the incompetence – or outright bias – of the mainstream media, Jones has never been held accountable for his role in producing and distributing one of the most vile pieces of anti-war, anti-American propaganda produced in the last decade. An album called WarTimes: Report from the Opposition which was narrated by none other than COP-KILLING Mumia Abu-Jamal. In case you missed this when it was first reported here on this blog, here are some snippets: Van Jones comes on at about 3:45. Slide up to it, if you need to. His anti-Israel rant may be hard to take.

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