Al-Qaida and Muslim Brotherhood getting ready for Libya

The Buzzards are circling Libya and for that matter Egypt. Waiting to pick the bones of oil rich Libya. I am no expert on Foreign policy, but I can tell you there is nothing more precious than money to continue the jihad, and oil is just the ticket. So ladies, how about stepping up to the plate and tell us what is our end game?  Our earlier post: Three women who brought us the new long war in Libya



British cleric Anjem Choudary says al-Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood have assets on the ground in Libya and are ready to take control if Moammar Gadhafi is removed from power. 

The top Muslim cleric accuses the U. S. and French-led coalition trying to topple Gadhafi of working to install a puppet regime, but he says there are al-Qaida operatives in Libya who will stop the West from installing a friendly government.


“Al-Qaida has their own agents and their own people in the region who are propagating their own Islamic ideas and their agenda. At the right time they will make the move, and we will see the emergence of Islam and Shariah in that particular region,” Choudary said.

Florida Security Council President Tom Trento agrees.

“He is telling the truth, because North Africa from Cairo going West has deep penetration by the Muslim Brotherhood. We also know that Gadhafi is hated by and hates the Brotherhood and al-Qaida,” Trento said.

“We also know that al-Qaida has their heart set on controlling petroleum. Libya is the No. 4 producer. There is no bigger prize in northern Africa than Libya right now,” Trento said.

He said Choudary is in a position to know if the Brotherhood or al-Qaida is poised to move if Gadhafi is removed.

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8 Responses to “Al-Qaida and Muslim Brotherhood getting ready for Libya”

  1. Libya attack tied to Al Qaeda and Gitmo detainee Sufyan Qumu « BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades! Says:

    […] 3 2011 Al Qaida and Muslim Brotherhood getting ready for Libya “We also know that al-Qaida has their heart set on controlling petroleum. Libya is the No. 4 […]


  2. Matt Says:

    This is so predictable, and the administration cannot see this? Or, is it the intent?


  3. Steve Dennis Says:

    We are helping the rebels in Libya but nobody can tell us who these rebels really are and I fear that they will be no better than Gadaffi. Coupled with the Muslim Brotherhood and the chance they will take over Egypt and it certainly looks as if things are spiralling out of control over there.


  4. Conservatives on Fire Says:

    Gee! Who woulld of thunk. I thought these people were fighting for freedom and democracy, didn’t you? Our government really does think we are stupid. The writing has been on the wall for anybody who wanted to read it. I think this is Obama’s end game. He only pretended to resist our involvement in Libya. All is going according to plan.


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