Obama Announces Creation of Conservation Youth Corps of America

So we have a war of two, or three, and Obama slips town,  then they make their move…

Just when you thought this radical administration was ready to cut back on their socialist agenda they surprise you with another shockingly radical initiative.

Team Obama announced this week the formation of their American Conservation Youth Corps.

P/Oed Patriot described Obama’s latest socialist initiative.

According to a Video released today by the White House, the Obama Administration is going to create the 21st Century Conservation Youth Service Core through the Great Outdoors Initiative. .In the Video the Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, says:

“Just about a month ago the President announced The America’s Great Outdoors Initiative. It is an effort to create the 21st Century Conservation Program for the United States of America. An absolute key component of that program is the engagement of young people in conservation across America. To that end we have included in the report the creation of a 21st Century Conservation Corps for America. We want young people to be involved with us..”

Now what is the 21st Century Conservation Youth Service Corps?

Well according to Youthgo.gov:

“The 21st Century Conservation Service Corps (21CSC) builds upon and leverages the experience and expertise of existing federal, state and non-profit programs, including the United States Youth Conservation Corps, Corps programs through partnerships with the Corps Network, as well as many other federal and non-federal conservation and youth organizations. These corps facilitate conservation service work on public lands and encourage a new generation of natural resource managers and environmental scientists.

Through the 21CSC America’s young people will be indoctrinatoed to play a key role in “reducing the impacts of climate change on our natural resources.”

Full Story here: Gateway Pundit

12 Responses to “Obama Announces Creation of Conservation Youth Corps of America”

  1. Maggie@MaggiesNotebook Says:

    Just linked and quoted this article.


  2. rjjrdq Says:

    The Brown Shirts are back.


  3. Steve Dennis Says:

    And the indoctrination continues, this sounds like something that happened in a country in Europe back in the 1930s…..


  4. Matt Says:

    The Obama Youth emerges!


  5. Always On Watch Says:

    Indoctrination of our youth!

    What’s the purpose? More worship of Obama and manipulating toward the Far Left the future of America.


  6. Maggie@MaggiesNotebook Says:

    You are so right. He leaves town and we know something will drop. I wonder if their uniforms will be brown shirts? I had not heard this report. Thanks.


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