Salazar lies to Congress – says Gulf oil production at ‘all time high’

Salazar tells House Gulf oil production at ‘all-time high;’ Energy Department shows 300,000 fewer barrels produced per day. Was it a lie? Or is he just ignorant? Does it really matter? This is what is running our country. Scary isn’t it?

Salazar claims oil production in the Gulf of Mexico has remained at “an all-time high” despite the Deepwater Horizon disaster and the federal moratorium and permatorium that have stopped all deepwater drilling activity, put thousands of people in Texas, Lousiana, Mississippi and Alabama out of work, and kept the region’s energy economy mired in a deep recession.
But according to the Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration, Gulf oil production has dropped nearly 300,000 barrels per day since the Deepwater Horizon tragedy. Imports of foreign oil have not slowed as a result of the Middle East crisis, so it must be the Gulf slowdown that is forcing retailers to raise gas prices.
Did Salazar purposely misinform the House committee or does he just not know? : Washington Examiner

8 Responses to “Salazar lies to Congress – says Gulf oil production at ‘all time high’”

  1. LD Jackson Says:

    I wonder sometimes if these people really believe what they are saying or if they think we are so ignorant that we will believe them, without verifying the information ourselves. Someone needs to send them a memo; it isn’t working.


    • bunkerville Says:

      What was most upsetting is that Fox did a bit of a story with some Vid of his testimony and failed to show or react to this statement of his. Are they now in the tank as well, or just lazy?


  2. Frankenstein Government Says:

    In the end it won’t matter. All the lies and propaganda spun by this administration/Congress will get wound down and discovered. They are buffoons and pussies masquerading as adults. Sadly pathetic.


    • bunkerville Says:

      I sure hope you are right. We are having hearings right along and no one is reporting on them. One must dig deep to find this stuff.


  3. Always On Watch Says:

    Lies, lies, and more damned lies!

    I’m about over the edge with this generation of politicians.


    • bunkerville Says:

      Well, AOW, “about” is doing a lot better than me. Can you imagine if this was a Republican under Bush? All we would hear is Haliburton….


  4. Geo Says:

    I’d like to know ….. when the hell is “someone” gonna hold “someone” in this administration accountable for their lies and outright arrogance.
    One Judge has threatened them with a contempt order regarding the drilling. Judge Vinson in Florida issued a affirmation of his previous Court Order. That they so far have just ignored.
    They are picking and choosing what Laws they want to enforce or follow. The AG is dropping charges or ignoring situations.
    Are there no Patriots left out there, someone who happens to believe that no one is above the law? Including the President of the United States.

    They are shredding our Constitution each and everyday. We are headed for third world status on a fast track. Will no one stand up and defend our interest?


    • bunkerville Says:

      It beats me why the media, including Fox does not hammer away. Someone, please on the GOP side, start running for Prez and start hammering on this stuff. Salazar should be removed. Either for his lies or his incompetence. Thanks Geo for stopping by and commenting.


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